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How hard is it to find a girl that's waiting till she's married for sex.

I mean a girl that in the 17-21 area.

And I think of vaginal, oral, and anal as sex.


The main proplem with my chruch is either the girls are too young, too old, they have a boyfriend, or they just don't like me that much.

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    In the time that we are living in it might and again it might not. Just look for some one you can LOVE and it will make it all right. The SEX will come on. Take your time


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    My guess is that the answer depends a great deal on that very last comment you made about "they just don't like me that much."

    It could be a number of things:

    1. You're a jerk

    2. You lack self-confidence

    3. You tell them you're thinking of vaginal, oral, and anal as sex


    4. They could be playing hard to get and you just need to patient because they just want to make sure you are serious.

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    I am waiting til marriage,I am 21.I am also engaged.

    There are those out there who are waiting,and when you find the right girl for you,you will know.She will have all the qualities and interests you are looking for in a lady.Be patient and don't rush to find the right one cause you may end up settling for the wrong one.wait,and take things slow.There are those waiting,don't give up hope.

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    It isn't hard. But alot of teens lose it young due mostly to infatuation or just because their friends did.

    I, myself am waiting. I don't wanna lose it to a boyfriend who may just hurt me in the end.

    Just look around for some girls,

    some might be mean, and some might be nice.

    And you'll find the one your looking for in the end if you don't give up.


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    same here, but with guys for me since i am a girl! It is harder now! It has been harder, since more people are having sex even though they aren't even married yet. the rate is going up. keep looking and pray!

    generaly teen youth groups for church are great. Maybe girls at universitys for a specific religion. I don't know, but Best Of Luck! :)

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    I'd say go out and look. I'm sure a woman would find that admirable. And careful just looking in your church, there could be other girls who are waiting until marriage in a bar! You just got to look and pray.

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    Im 1 of those gurls who r waiting 4 sex untill im married

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    I personally don't think that it's that hard. It doesn't seem like it but there are girls out there waiting for marriage. I'm 17, and I'm going to wait for marriage. However, I think it's alot harder for girls to look for guys that will wait for marriage...

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    I am going to marry a 36 years old and I am 18!

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    I was a virgin until I got married at 31. Just be patient and you'll find the right girl. What's the hurry?

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