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What is it with all the parody movies???

1. The Scary Movie series

2. The Epic Movie

3. Meet the Spartans

4. The Disaster Movie

I mean we have so many parody movies! Why the heck do we have all these movies that are just parodies of other (better!) movies? lol I really don't understand....What do you think about them? And do you think our standards for good cinema have gone up or down in recent years?


haha i forgot the The Date Movie and The Superhero

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    I really loved the parodies back in the day. Airplane, Spaceballs and Loaded Weapon are truly great comedies. After Scary Movie I have somewhat started to dismiss them. They are just getting lamer and lamer. But to answer the question, people like to see a version poking fun at movies they have currently watched. In a sense these films are parasites of the good movies as they could not exist had it not been for the original. Sometimes they are good for a chuckle.

    The standards for cinema has gone down, but I regard it more to be an effect of CG with stories scripted around cheesy computer animations rather than a couple of very silly comedies.

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    Gah, I don't know. It's all about money. The Scary Movie series was extremely successful, and after that came all the other ones. I'm sure our cinema standards have gone way down. Movies can hardly stay in the theaters these days because so many come out at a time. Sure, there are some good ones, but for now it's mostly quantity over quality. Money, money.

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    They are just not funny anymore to me. They appeal to a certain group of people. The standards have definitely gone down. Play the original Psycho to anyone these days and see their reaction compared to say... Hostel or something like that. Or in the comedy genre [I digress] Show "Amazon Women On The Moon" to someone today and they won't find it as interesting as "Not Another Teen movie". May I step out of comedy and also add that these teen movies' soundtracks all sound the same? All of them have the whiny-rich boy-sounding song in it. And they always end with the uptempo end-of-summer-catchy tune. LOL It' sridiculous. Hollywood can't make a comedy worth anything these days.

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    I think "movies" have gone down hill for some time. On the other hand, we have had some great filsm.

    I agree, the Parody movies are just terrilbe. But they are made because they make money, so a lot of people out there enjoy them.


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    It started with scary movie and should of ended with Scary Movie 2, that was the best of all time. They are just following this trend and they comedey really isn't funny. All they do is go for cheap laughs, unlike the first two Scary Movies which were beyond hilarious

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    LOL Parody movies are hilarious! Our standard in movies have gone up. We now have amazing special effects and story lines and parodies are fun once in a while to make fun of things.

    Kat: You're right. I saw Citizen Kane and it was boring. No Idea how it become #1 on best movies ever.

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    They're made by two dumbshits named Aaron Seltzer and David Friedberg.

    I do actually believe a protest against them is called for. They've gone too much. And worst of all, they seriously believe they're at the caliber of Mel Brooks who made masterpieces like "Spaceballs" and "Blazing Saddles." Now, THOSE are worthwhile parodies.

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    The "parody" movies are complete drivel.

    They simply reference the movies, aping famous lines of scenes, without offering any original comedic content beyond low-brow slap stick. Most importantly, they don't actually succeed in mocking any of the quibbles or flaws of the original movies.

    They are crushingly stupid, unentertaining, plodding, plebian globs of cinematic offal.

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    Ugh, I don't know but I can't stand them. If you're not 12, they're not funny.

    And I think the standards have gone down... show Citizen Kane to a group of people now, they'll probably all hate it.

  • me nd myfriends were talkn bout this

    u missed

    5. Date movie

    6. Superhero movie

    its jus a joke, its the only place youll see all the movies together. I think their funny

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