Where we are having our wedding reception, there is a fee of $9.50 per car and they wont waive the fee or give

us a discount, and we know it is tacky to ask our guests to pay for the fee, but can we ask them to double up and/or carpool? And yes, we knew about the few when reserving the hall, but our guest list grew and our funds didn't, and we might not have enough money to pay for all the cars if they come thru with just one or two occupants....


We are getting married in 3 wks...We chose this spot, because our church is 30 minutes from town and there is no other reception hall( we are getting married in a national park) and we did not want to make our guests, drive 30 mintues back to town for the reception. Plus, with the entrance fee, our guests can stay all day at the park, long after the reception is done.

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    You have to suck it up and pay for whatever the parking costs. You knew about the fee, and you decided to keep adding more guests when you couldn't afford it. You can't inconvenience your guests due to your own lack of planning.

  • IT's not just tacky, it's not done. I've never seen a wedding expert/source say that guests are in charge of their own parking fees. That is something that traditionally the groom and/or bride's family picks up the cost for. So you'll have to scrimp and save and cut costs elsewhere and take responsibility. It was after all, not the guests fault that you decided to expand your guest list and thus your overall costs? So should it be up to them to foot the bill for more guests? No. If you look at it that way, you will understand that it is just completely unacceptable- not just a bit tacky . Example: I want a fancier/bigger wedding, so if I charge the guests more for booze at the cash bar, then I can take care of some of the extra wedding costs? Tacky? Yes. Ignorant? Yes. Totally unacceptable? Yes. Basically it's the same scenario even if you don't see it that way. I want a bigger wedding so I will charge my guests parking fees.

    Not giving you a hard time, just a reality check- twisting it around to a different perspective so you understand what you would be asking guests to do.

    Also taking responsibility since you were aware of this fee when you booked the hall. And could have said no and found another venue. Even if you didn't know, you still can't expect guests to pay for that. Buyer beware first and foremost in signing contracts with vendors - it is your responsibility as a customer to find out every little bitty detail in the contract, what is included, what is not. It is after all your money you are spending ,and I would think also your desire to know these things. And even if you hadn't known, you still can't expect guests to pay. They are going to a wedding as invitees, not to a night club that has a cover charge.

    I would absolutely not even spread the word about the parking fee, as the people who decide not to go as a result will be disgusted, and the people who do end up going will be grumbling about this long after the wedding is done about how they had to pay for parking. Do you really want people to leave your party with a bad taste in their mouth?

    So sorry to say, suck it up and find the money from somewhere to pay for it yourselves.

    Source(s): common sense/been to many weddings/and just basically common knowledge not to invite people to a party and then tell them they have to pay to get in/theknot.com
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    hmmm. you'll have to get creative with this one. Tell guests that with rising gas prices and the environment sufferng you want them to consolidate and carpool. OR, if you hav alot of out of town guests rather than pay for individual cars have everyone meet at the hotel that the guests are staying at and charter a or bus ( a nice one not like a school bus) and have them make runs from the hotel to the reception site.

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    You just need to realize that the cost per person for this venue increased by $9.50 per person. You really can't ask or even allow your guests to pay to park at your reception.

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    If it were me I would trim the guest list before asking people to pay for parking. If you don't want to do that, then just use word of mouth to tell people that there will be a $9.50 parking fee and I can guarantee the guest list will trim itself!

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    I am a stickler for proper etiquette and I genuinely think that your Guests won't have a problem paying for their own parking. I certainly would not expect it to be paid on my behalf.

    I find it extremely odd that others here are so anti. Cash bars are tacky, expecting one's bridesmaids to pay for their own outfits is tacky, but expecting Guests to pay for parking isn't!

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    i just went to a wedding in banff national park and had to pay the park fee of $10 to get into the park... i thought it was fine. didn't bother me at all because i got to spend the day in banff..

    plus if the guest know it is in a national park they should already know about the park fee

    don't stress about small things like that!

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    you knew about the fee you should have cut down on your guest list. Find the money somewhere, you can not ask you guest to pay almost $10.00 to park their cars, or car poll. I would just turn around an leave.

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    At that price, I imagine it'll be easier, and a lot cheaper, to arrange for everyone to park someplace nearby and hire a bus or van to shuttle them. I know that if I went someplace and was asked to pay that I'd find someplace else to park and walk! That's ridiculous, was that in the contract or did they spring it one you? I've never heard of anyplace charging that much. I'd go back over your contract with a find tooth comb.

    As far as etiquette goes, I'm afraid that usually the couple is expected to pick up the tab, especially at that price.

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    Don't ask them for money, spread the word that there will be a charge for parking most people won't mind paying fee since it's not much, and they'll come prepare with some cash. Look at it this way, now in days you go to a recepcion and they sell the drinks now that's tacky because it's inside party, parking is outside doesn't look that bad because there not in yet, so it's not your responsibility to take care of them unitl there inside reception. Just spread the word and let them pay.... weddings are expensive and you don't need that extra fee to come from your pocket. Think about it. Good luck.

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