Missed last few armywives shows. Could someone give me a brief update

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    depending on how far back you are, Joan and Roland found out their having a girl, they asked the holdens to be god parents. but at Lamaze class Joan loses the baby, or at least thats what it looks like.

    Roxy hires then fires a girl at the bar for flirting with Trevor then in turn the girl sues her, but finds out the girl has sued 3 other companies for the same thing so i think the girl drops the case, and Trevor becomes Joan's driver until his shoulder heals and he can be deployed.

    Denise and the dr. with the bike make out, and the feels guilty so she tells him they cant hang out anymore, her husband calls at the same time the dr texts her to get coffee she refuses and the dr gets into a bad motorcycle wreck, and her son is put in military jail for a short time for having drugs until his room mate confesses

    and Pamela has sneaky suspicions about the delta force families who have alot of money, then her husband gets put in jail for war profiteering with the other delta force members, but then tells her he was undercover to bust the guys that really were.

    and that in a nut shell is my favorite show, lol

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