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Character naming, want to help?

In the story I want to write, a girl goes to a local school while her mother travels. She gets bored and runs away though, finding herself asking a boy about her age for assistance. They become friends. She then learns a secret he has been keeping, realizing he needs help to find his family. So she agrees to help him, and my plot doesn't go planned much further.

Anyway, I need names for her mother: a 35 year old former waitress with long, dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. She's skinny and tall, and dresses pretty normally. She's caring, but at times selfish. She's also got two children, her daughter, and her newborn baby son. Last name Richards.

The main character, who is sixteen, dark blonde hair, dark green eyes. She has freckles, and is short and petite. She dresses to hike, and hates the girliness of the typical teen. Last name Madison.

The main character boy (I was thinking MAYBE Demetrius?). He has light brown hair and blue eyes, and is average height and weight. He is mysterious but caring. Last name Taylor.

And if it's any help, the main chaaracter girl's brother's name is Timothy Ray Julius, after his father.


Joanie, hm, I like that :)

Update 2:

Elliot, I really like that

Update 3:

Joanie Bridget Richards


Elliot York Taylor

Now for the girl..

Update 4:

I was thinking maybe Tabitha Rylie Madison. Because I'm going to make her father's name Tanner Riley Madison

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    Mother - Joanie Rose Richards

    Girl - Michelle Scout Madison - goes by Scout

    Boy - Demestrius is ok... I was thinking of Deitrich though - have him go by D either way though

  • Mother- Leslie

    Main Character Girl- Caroline

    Main Character Boy- Elliot

    Hope I helped! Good luck with your story!

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