What is the tourist area in Manila? Any hotel recommendations?

My boyfriend and I are staying there for three nights. We want to go a nice area (not the red light district or slums)

Do you have any recommendation?

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    you can try Manila Hotel,Shangri La hotel along Edsa or in Makati,Discovery Suites,Richmonde Hotel or Crown Plaza all in Ortigas. they range from $200-300.00 a night.

    another one could be, Rennaisance in Makati. you could check for their web sites through google.com.ph

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    I'm neither kidding, nor exaggerating... the Peninsula Manila is the best hotel in the safest part of Manila near the best shopping and nightlife in the city. It's a 5-10 minute walk from everything you'll ever need... except the beach.

    I was there last Feb with my girl (yeah, a white girl) and never regretted anything about the whole stay.

    A night will cost about around 200-250 USD a night, but it's a 5 star hotel and everything about it shouts pure luxury.

    Highly recommended.

    Check out my review of the hotel over at Tripadvisor...


    Now, don't forget to tell the Peninsula Manila to pay me for this referral... at least a discount card or something... hehehe.

    Ooh, and one more thing, book through their website and secure limousine pick up at the airport... airport taxis are notoriously dangerous in Manila.

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    "Malate" is the closest you'll get to a real tourist area ie a Philippine flavor. It has interesting steets with trendy cafes and stores.

    Otherwise, you'll just be in Makati - an area of huge shopping malls and 5 star hotels that could be anywhere in the world. No character at all. But some people like that and they do have some great entertainment and nice restaurants with US prices . Near Makati is Ft Bonifacio , a newly developed area with great restaurants and nice bars.

    Suggest you go to the old city - Intramurous . Have a drink nearby at the Manila Hotel for its old world charm. Watch the sunset over Manila Bay (unforgettable) Take a boat for the afternoon to Corrigador of WW ll fame.

    Source(s): Lived there for 5 years.
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    If you like the Old Manila (Spanish Era) why don't you try Intramurus the Old Capital of Manila. Inside was the Intramuros Golf and Restaurant, The Fort Santiago, San Agustin Church, San Agustin Museum, Manila Cathedral, Rizal Shrine and Casa Manila Museum. Book in Manila Pention House in Malate St, Ermita. Downstair was Sturbuck's Cafe and house itself is historical (Old but properly maintained a 2 storey Spanish manor) and affordable and with internet access serving Filipino , CHinese, and International Cuisine.... At night when you go out starting in the entrance especialy Friday and Saturday you will be surprised by the vibrant nightlife a walk in the street or try Cowboy Grill for live band, Jazz House if you love Jazz, The Library if you love stand-up comedy, The Cavana Cafe (socialites and European hang outs) with the twist of Cuban dance and spirits, If your modern and hip there an house and techno bar and disco, more walk and you will reach Roxas boulevard a seaside place, at morning a best place to jog at night a best place to eat, party, live band while having a dinner and don't forget to dine in The Aristocrat Restaurant to taste the best Filipino dinner. or...... If you like a Romantic Hotel (Manila Tropical Hotel a hotel built for Pope John Paul II 1980's visit) near the Malate, Roxas Blvd, Intramuros, Rizal Park, Manila Yatch Club, Philippine Cultural Center (where major concert, opera, ballet, etc), Manila Jumbo and Floating Casino and Resto etc...... As long as you have credit card you well enjoy the beauty of Manila... Mind you Philippines is a paradise if you have a money(affordable) but if you are a poor it is a slum...

    I hope I could help you with my little information...

    Source(s): I am a local... Please do email me if you have more questions... shadalvarez@hotmail.com
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    Yes, Shangrila Hotel near Sm Megamall.. It is a 5 star hotel averaging about $250 to $300 per night but the service, ambiance and luxuries are there.. You can also just cross the street to Sm Megamall and get some cabs to different destinations in Manila like Dampa Restaurant (you buy seafood and enter a restaurant and they'll cook it for you - Upper middleclass to upscale area).. If you go there, then check out the Mall of Asia which is the biggest mall in Asia near Dampa..

    You can also go to the newly opened Ocean Park where you can see animal life.. Try their fish pedicure where you actually put your feet in the water and little fishes eat away your dead skin..

    Then, you can head out to downtown makati City.. Try the Glorietta Malls.. Also try Randy Santiago's Ratsky's bar..

    Address is below

    * 1663 J. Bocobo St., Malate Manila

    * 5238608 (Phone)

    * 5238609 (Fax)

    * ratskybar@yahoo.com (Email)

    * http://www.ratskybar.com/

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    I stayed in the heart of Manila a few times it cost me a small fortune,

    My last stay was in a luxury condo at the center of the Green Belt its the no.1 area, Australian owed and a fraction pof the price of a hotel, check out the website its a brilliant way to get good accomadation at a fraction of the cost of a hotel.


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    I reccommend Mabuhay Manor in Pasay, it's a nice place with Filipino atmosphere.

    Check their website for more details and you can book online too but sometimes their online booking says fully booked but you can walk-in or call their numbers, for sure there will be room for you and your partner.

    My husband is an American and he like it there.

    Amenities include swimming pool, prayer room (I like this one) and they got this free buffet-Pinoy inspired breakfast for 2 inclusive.

    It's not the luxury or five star hotel that you can expect but it's a decent place. It is near areas like Blue Wave (you can hang out listen to some live band or jazz music during weekends, music is free and the place not that crowded). It is also near Mall of Asia, actually me and my husband walk from Mabuhay Manor to Mall of Asia, They also have service cars that offers free pick up at given time.

    It is also near the Airport. They can pick you up for free.

    Source(s): website: http://www.mabuhaymanor.com.ph/ me, been there I forgot my caps lock.
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    there are a lot of things to do in the Philippines!!!

    there's BORACAY:

    you can do water sports with the kids, flyfish, parasailing, banana boat, etc, have a massage by the beach, eat great food, enjoy the view..




    or you can also visit SUBIC:

    you can swim with the dolphins, with the fake killerwhale, feed the tigers, swim in the beach, jet ski, etc etc


    Go wakeboading in BATANGAS and meet Pinoy celebrities if you're lucky :)

    or kneeboarding or water skiing or just plain swimming by the beach


    there's also CORREGIDOR:

    a historic landmark


    and you can also have fun in ORTIGAS - FUN RANCH and ARK AVILON ZOO


    as for CAVITE, they offer Island Cove:


    you may also enjoy a day trip in at VILLA ESCUDERO in QUEZON:


    or have a cool weekend in TAGAYTAY:


    and have a great burger at Mushroomburger


    Source(s): If you fancy buffets, SOFITEL (Spiral in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila) offers a huge variety of dishes: http://jotan23.blogspot.com/2008/05/lunch-at-spira... or just a regular bar/restaurant to hang out and have fun: try Krocodile Grille: http://jotan23.blogspot.com/2008/07/birthday-treat... it's cheap and the food is great! you can also go on a road trip at North Luzon and see plenty of places like: VIGAN, ILOCOS SUR--> FORT ILOCANDIA, ILOCOS NORTE --> LAOAG --> CAPE BOJEADOR LIGHTHOUSE --> BANGUI WINDFARM --> PAGUDPUD --> KAIBIGAN FALLS --> BLUE LAGOON --> TUGUEGARAO CITY --> CALLAO CAVE --> BANAUE RICE TERRACES http://jotan23.blogspot.com/2008/05/north-luzon-ro... there's a lot more things to do in the Philippines!!! :) you may want to visit Philippines :) I offer personalized tours with your own driver :) you may contact me at jotan23@yahoo.com :)
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