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When talking to your parents do you ever refer to your cats as their grandchildren?

and they laugh but you know that they are crying on the inside?


I don't think someone named "Booger Butt" should ask me if I'm kidding.

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    That's actually pretty good. "Grandcats"

    I would buy my grandcats little hats and outfits and maybe a vanity cane. True playa fo real!

    Source(s): the Yahoo spell checker ain't down with the Pimp vernacular, shawwty.
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    I would if my parent were alive yes. That's all their getting so they better accept it. My friend has many dogs and refers to them as her moms grandchildren. her mother frowns but accepts it and loves all 14 of them. The cool thing is that she has been able to successfully take care of all 14. They are WELL fed (not meaning fat), get to the vet regularly, spayed and neutered (except the poms, she'll breed those) well groomed and have 5 acres to excercise on. She amazes me. She also has ducks, chickens and peacocks and a beautiful young macaw. And some other stuff I can't talk about, but all well taken care of and loved. We live about 700 miles apart now. I miss my neices and nephews. (the dogs and animals)

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    Yes, I do. As a matter of fact, they are the grandparents of FOUR BEAUTIFUL SIAMESE KITTENS that were born on Sunday August 3rd the first one born at 5:55 they look the Mommy who looks just like the kitty in the picture. She also looks like a kitty I lost to diabetes a few years

    When I call my parents I put the cat to the phone and tell her to say "Hi to Grandma and Grandpa" and sometimes I can get her to purr into the phone, it depends on her mood.

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    ......I didn't need to. My parents always knew that their last daughter would never, ever (in a million years) give birth to a human child. At the tender age of eight; my first niece wasS born.....I told my Mom & Dad I hated babies. They were stupid & loud, and really gross....what with all poop & baby-barf....who could like them?

    I have four older sisters.....way older than me; & they all had a buncha babies.....which I hadda babysit.....for free! Those little rugrats turned me off to kids. So I told my parents I would never have one of those monsters myself. I informed them I would have cats, Cause they're way smarter & cuter too. My Dad patted me onna back, BUTT!! my Mom cried. Dunno why. She brings over Cat Treats now, for my "babies"; & they purr. She spoils them. She buys them gourmet catfood. My cats love their Grandma, BUTT!! if Grandpa wasS alive....they would own the world.

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    Lol. My mom calls the dogs her 4-legged grandchildren.

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    Not exactly, but when talking to my cats I often mention their grandparents. I doubt *they* are crying on the inside, as all they're probably hearing is mwah mwah mwah (Charlie Brown teacher noises).

  • Crying on the inside? Hardly.

    My Mother adores her grandkittens! The fluffy darlings whine and squabble and piddle everywhere and claw her feet. What's not to love?

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    1 decade ago

    Absolutely and they love it - It wasn't in Mother Nature's plan for me to have children and they just adore Miss Serena - my gray little fluff ball.

    I grew up with cats all my life and they love them as much I do.

    Some of these answers are just rude HELLO people - be nice for heavens sake


    Southern Gal

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    I thought my mother was going to have a conniption when I told her I was getting spayed after my 2nd kid. Apparently she thinks I'm a mutt who would breed all the live long day

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    Not directly, but when mom comes to visit, the dog and cat both want to see their "Grandma."

    Mom's a grandparent enough times to suit her, I feel.

    Love the Q and will read what others have to say.

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