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Do we have a corrupt political system catering to corrupt business corporations working for the super-rich?


It is rhetorical if you,not me, treat it as such. A the Q I posed spending 5 phony points and use it to say something thoughtful for your 2 silly points. Just bec you agree with the Q, doesn't make it rhetorical. Also this is not a poll! Real Answers wanted!

Update 2:

Cynical? Why mislabel truth? To what end? Why not post something beyond a label?

Update 3:

I'm referring to how the gov't actually operates once the politcians get into office after they get the votes needed to win. My Q is not about poor people or welfare--everything the gov't spends on someone is welfare of some kind by someone's def'n. Pls A the Q asked before spinning it your way.

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    the american political system is deeply entwined with corporate interests these days. i think you would be hard pressed to find a vote that was not influenced by corporate lobbying. the effect of that lobbying is even more apparent in the regulations and rates of enforcement of executive agencies (EPA, OSHA, etc.). lessening the influence of corporations on our government policy and getting that policy back on track to support the interests of american workers and consumers is one of the most important challenges for america today imo.

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    No. We have a corrupt political system that caters to the lower and lower middle class in the form, for example, welfare. We take from the productive, including the rich, and give to the non-productive. There is no problem with this in the case of the truly needy but I suspect that is not the case overall.

    Of course, people have been vested with rights will, naturally, vote for the people that will not challenge their rights. Thus, everytime government does something to "help the poor and middle class" it must take more from the productive, or as you call them "rich" (people making over $80,000.00 are rich according to Hillary Clinton), because government does not create anything. As this class of people dependent on grows, they place more of a drain on the productive. Also, this group, which is ignorant to the realities and believes government is giving them something, wields political influence because, despite their lack of productivity, they still are permitted to vote and, of course, will vote for those who will not end to government forced redistribution of wealth. As such, you have a black hole in which all productivity will inevitably end, if not stopped.

    I did answer your question. The Democrats cater to the poor to get votes. The Republicans, a good number of them, cease being Republicans when they get in office because they want to be seen as "compassionate conservatives". I would rather have tax cuts for the mega corporations than welfare for anyone. The tax cuts create jobs. Welfare doesn't create anything but more welfare.

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    I don't know that I'd take it that far. We have a government like all full of self-interest and greed. The corruption we've seen is that the factions trying to buy votes have evolved into extremely powerful lobbyist groups. This is the area where reform needs to be focused.

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    We have a divided state, were a large portion of it is a welfare state.

    This welfare state has create jealousy towards those who are successful.


    The only reason the coorperation lobby the US government has nothing to do with coorperations, but the size and regulations of the government. Follow the money, it is not coorperate greed. If the government had a simple coorperate tax lobying would drop by 2/3rds.

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    Yes, but Republicans do not understand this, which is why they are standing by McStain, the guy who eight years ago, wouldn't vote for the man he's claiming to be today.

    Source(s): Very sad situation.....unless you're on a board at a company in the Fortune 500.
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    Is this a rhetorical question?

    Establishment, Establishment... you always know what's right.

    don't question the government.. learn the ******* rules.

  • You mean super rich like George Soros? Maybe.

    I HAD YOU TWICE- So a republican is going to vote for ultra-liberal Obama over moderate democrat McCain? Stop trying to pass yourself off as intelligent please.

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    Cynical much?

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