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Dog for a 12 yrs old girl? Part 2

I got some really good feedback on my last question and I don't really think that a Chihuahua is the best dog breed for us. Look at my last question if you want.;_ylt=AmW9m...

I forgot to mention the she is very competent in caring for many differant types of animals and often assists on her grandfathers farm cleaning, grooming and feeding sheep, goats, alpacas, dogs and horses. So I am confident she is able to handle most any breed of dog. We need a smaller breed because our living space in on the smaller side. she has no siblings and lives in an area were there are not many kids her age.

SO, What dog breeds can you recomend from your personal experience for a girl looking for companionship?


Money is no issue, we have the means to properly financially care for a dog.

delicatcy is not an issue as well, she has cared for much smaller animals, newborn lambs & miniature goats, kittens, puppies, chicks, ducklings.

I want suggestions for a good compainion dog. something on the smaller side

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    Just from personal experiences, I would say that a Maltese is a wonderful dog. They are small in size(4-7 pounds) The are so eager to please their owner. I have two children (2 1/2 and 9) and the dog is unbelievable with both. My 2 year old carries him all over the house and he loves it. They don't need that much exercisers because they are so small. They also love to go anywhere that the owner goes. The only setback is the hair. They don't shed, but the must be groomed often. But if she helps on a farm she might enjoy brushing and taking care of this dog. They don't have many health problems either. Just to add if you are looking for a good companion than this really is your dog. A Maltese will follow you everywhere and do anything to please you. and they are very loyal, and devoted animals. Mine sleeps in bed with me and my 2 year old. They have such a wonderful personality. Be careful though they can surprise you and be very sneaky. Mine will jump on the coffee table and steal my daughters snacks. What ever you choose I am sure she will love it.

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    Sorry didn't read your first question but I love St Bernard's and have since I was a child. I know own 6 (I show 2) that live in my house with me and my family. They are loyal, gentle, easy going, are not hyper or need a lot of exercise, and really do not need a lot of room as long as you go for walks a few times a week. They are not very active dogs so they do not eat you out of house and home and if you let them they will lay in your lap as if they weighed 5lbs. On the down side they do drool a little (not as bad as you think) and will range in weight from 130-210.

    Good Luck deciding on your new pet!!

    Source(s): St Bernard Owner/Handler
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    Now this is probably because I'm biased, but for a 12 year old girl that is used to grooming and caring for animals, maybe a shih tzu. They are very sweet and loving little guys, plus it sounds like she's the kind of person that would be able to keep up with brushing him every day, since they need to be brushed out daily to keep from matting. They are great little companions.

    Others I could suggest from personal experience would be pugs, yorkies, or maltese. All are also very sweet dogs.

    Good luck to you and your daughter in the puppy search.

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    Before you buy a dog for a young girl, you need to do LOTS of research!... a "small" or toy breed will not be a good idea for a 12 year old.. even though you say she is good with animals, small breeds are VERY delicate.. Especially Yorkies, chis, and Pomeranians... Smaller breeds also have a tendency to be protective of their owners, and often times be a little nippy. I have a 7 pound Pom thats about 2 years old, and I would never recommend that breed from any teenager, or kid. Her legs are about as skinny as your pinky, and she has broken one before... I won't even get into how much money that cost to have fixed. I would suggest a medium sized breed, such as a lhaso apso, or even a small mixed breed dog... Is this 12 year old your daughter? Are you willing to pay for the vet bills and proper care? Because obviously a 12 year old cannon pay vet bills, or even buy everyday necessities, such as food, toys, leashes, etc.

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    Well, what's your preference as far as:

    Grooming Requirements go- short fur, long fur, daily brushing, weekly brushing, few or frequent professional trips, shedding, etc?

    Trainability go - Do you want a dog that's eager to learn and listen or a stubborn dog that takes more time and effort to train?

    Intelligence go - A dog that's smart enough to outsmart you or a dog that's average?

    There are a few other things. Check out this site:

    Take a few breed quizzes (scroll to middle):

    And both of you decide what breed you like best. Here are a few suggestions based on my own dogs and friends' dogs.

    Mini Schnazuer - About 15 lbs full grown. Spunky, smart, pretty high grooming needs but active and playful. Can be spunky around other dogs but early socialization and training can take care of that. Very trainable but also pretty stubborn. No shedding.

    Maltese - About 8 lbs or so full grown. A bit more delicate, needs lots of grooming and frequent (tri-monthly) professional work. Spunky and playful, more of a family pet but can be a bit nippy around children and may not take well to a very active lifestyle. No shedding.

    Beagle - Very high energy and trainable. Can be stubborn. Hunting dog, so needs plenty of exercise but needs little to no grooming. Sheds a bit, but not horribly. Might be overwhelming for younger children but not impossible to raise around.

    You can also adopt a dog from a shelter.

    Source(s): Owned by Mutt
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  • I know everyone has their favorite breed, but we absolutely adore our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. They get to be between 30-35 pounds, do NOT shed, which is wonderful!, but have an incredibly soft coat (which isn't a big deal as long as you keep it short, we take ours to the groomers 3 to 4 times per year) They're very happy dogs, love anyone and everyone. We've never once had to worry that he's going to bite a child. Ours doesn't bark much, if at all. Unless he sees something suspicious. If you want to look into them go to The one pictured here is shaggy, but we've got ours clipped short.

    That's my recomendation, good luck!

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    I answered your last question, but I agree with the person that said Shihtzu. They are not as tiny and fragile as toy dogs. They get between 8-15 lbs. They dont seem to be as hyper as beagles or jack russels either. They are lovable cuddly lap dogs that need a lot of brushing. Im not familiar with this breeds potty training abilities, but my mother in law has one and she had no problems with it. Her shihtzu is also very gentle with my 4lb yorkie puppy, is great with small children and strangers.

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    I'm all for adopting from the pound. Why buy a purebred when there are so many dogs who need a family? Bring your daughter and see who catches her heart. The soul of a dog is much more important than their bloodlines.

    Source(s): We've adopted/rescued/taken in seven dogs and six cats over the years, each of them special in their own little way.
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    I have a westie and hes a great dog to have! He is a pretty small size, he's great with kids, and they don't shed which is less for you to clean up! Also you can try a maltese, yorkie or something like that...I hope I helped you!

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    labs or collies are good but both have loads of energy and or if you are thinking smaller i think yorkies are ok or cavs

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