Is this Dark Knight review any good?

I want to be a film critic when I grow up and I made a site where I post all my reviews. Is this Dark Knight review I wrote any good?

Well I just got back from the midnight preview of the most anticipated movie of the year, and to call it a masterpiece would be an understatement. This is the greatest comic book adaptation ever made, even better than Iron Man. But to call it a comic book adaptation, would be undermining it's effect and power over the audience. Even though I myself love comic books, the movies they've made on them so far, except for some, haven't had a strong effect on viewers, such as Spider-Man. Batman Begins was the first Batman to truly capture people, and I would even list it as one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. Eell then I would have to put The Dark Knight somewhere in the top 5. What you have been hearing about this movie isn't hype, it really is that good, along with the best performance I've seen all year, from the late Heath Ledger. This movie is his legacy and left him as one of the most memorable screen villains of all time. Again, The Dark Knight isn't a comic book adaptation, it's an epic crime drama that can join the ranks of Scorcesse's GoodFellas and Michael Mann's Heat. Christian Bale returns even better this time around as Bruce Wayne aka Batman. He has now attracted a new breed of criminals to Gotham, like the Joker. Batman along with Lieutenant Jim Gordon and new Gotham D.A Harvey Dent, are trying to sweep the streets of the mob and other crime. Heath Ledger comes in as the Joker, a demented, psychopathic and terrifying clown. He is like the Javier Bardem of comic book movies. Joker has no empathy whatsoever and will kill anyone. Harvey Dent is played by Aaron Eckhart and Katie Holmes is replaced by Maggie Gyllenhal as Rachel Dawes. There are literally no words to describe this movie classic. Christopher Nolan deserves numerous awards for his legendary direction as well as the visually stunning cinematography. The fight sequences are mostly real with no CGI which only adds to the realism of a comic book fantasy. This is far beyond anything I could ever imagine as a kid reading Batman every week. And one of the smartest moves the director and writers made were to replace Katie Holmes, because Maggie Gyllenhal is wonderful here unlike Holmes who got nominated for a Razzie for Begins. Of course there has been much talk of a posthumous nomination for Heath Ledger, and by all means I think he deserves it, but unfortunately it's all just talk because the Academy would never nominate a comic book movie, as sad as it is. Every actor here is on their A-game, no performance here I think needed improvement, and the only major problem I had with this movie is that it ended, because I went at 12 am and got out around 3, well I wouldn't mind sitting there until 7 am. But to be realistic, I have a few mild reservations with the movie, such as the fight sequence with Batman and Joker on the street could've been better and I also think they could've done a better job with the makeup for Harvey as Two Face, but to give this movie anything less than five stars would be a crime. This is one of the best all year, and one of the best movies I've ever seen.

the site is if u wanna check it out


i'm only 14 by the way, so dont critcize me if it doesn't look like roger ebert

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    The review is actually quite good

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    A "masterpiece"?

    I don't think so. The movie was good, but definitely NOT as great as everybody is hyping it up to be.

    If you wanna be a good film critic you have to leave your personal biases, prejudices, etc at the door.

    You have to look at the work with an objective eye for starters and analyze it through all its merits and flaws - acting, directing, production values, music, etc.

    You touch on some really good issues. Keep up the good work. Just don't get lazy.

    You can't just write an entire piece with glowing praises of the movie without also discussing some of its flaws. And there are some of those in this movie which you barely even touched upon.

    Until you can do that, you won't be seen as a serious critic.

    All in all, it's a good first start.

    My second point is you say you're 14 and that YOU don't wanna be criticized?

    Well, If you're putting your stuff out for public consumption and ask people for their opinion on your remarks, then how do you figure that makes you suddenly off limits to critcism?

    That makes no sense.

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    I don't care, it's a great film however boring the long bits are and gloomy it is. Heath Ledger is a great actor to be able to portray the role of The Joker. I think loads of fuss would have been made anyway because in my opinion it was the best Batman so far.

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    they are comparin it 2 the titanic now

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    This review is damn good...the movie rox...this review puts tht message forward very clearly

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