Landslide Action plan?

Ok, say you know this place where landslides occur often. Can you figure out six ways to prevent the landslides in that particular area?


okay, just two ways.

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    1. build a very very strong retaining wall that will be able to hold back the sediment and debris in case of a landslide.

    2. Plant trees on the slope of danger. the roots will stabilize the soil and keep it in place. if enough plants and trees are planted then the slope can become stable and the threat for a landslide would be diminished greatly

    Other then those two I cant think of many more. There are other ways to limit the damage from a landslide though. For instance, you can build a landslide/easthquake proof house which has steel built right into the foundation and is reinforced. Also there are wings that can be built on a house that will deflect the debris around the house instead of just having it hit the house. A good book of reference would be McPhee's control of nature. The first 1/3 of this book is talking about how the people in California's San Gabriel Mountain valleys and surrounding areas deal with landslide that are very very common

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    - Planting trees

    - Have some sort of drainage system for water runoff to stop erosion taking place.

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