Reality shows are very popular in different parts of the world. Many ordinary people have become famous after appearing on reality shows like America’s Next Top Model, Survivors and American Idols. Discuss 2 pros and 2 cons of appearing on reality shows.




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    It's a great opportunity to make yourself famous in an open competition. Even if you lose in the end, you may be satisfied with the process -- show your talents to millions of people on TV.

    Also, you may get some cash as reward, or even become a pop star (e.g. Kelly Clarkson).


    However, it's also possible that the people who show up are just considered as "clowns", who show not their talents but absurdity. Maybe you will be very embarrassed when criticized by the hosts, or be laughed at by your neighbours and colleagues.

    Participants also have to sacrifice their time and money to prepare, and sometimes we see them argue with their partners when they have to make a tough choice or blame one another for not having made a correct decision during the show. So we don't know if their relationship will improve or get worse after the "games".

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