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The Parties recognize that the communication or transfer of any Confidential Information (or the supply of certain devices using such Confidential Information) to or from certain countries (or persons located therein) may be prohibited or restricted or subject to prior approval of one or more governments (including without limitation, the Taiwanese and Japan Governments). The Recipient agrees not to use, export, import, re-export, transfer or otherwise communicate any of the Discloser’s Confidential Information to or from any country (or any person located therein) except in compliance with, and with all licenses, and approvals required under, applicable Taiwanese, Japan, and/or foreign export laws and regulations (including, without limitation, those of the U.S. Department of Commerce)

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    各締約方承認溝通或轉讓的任何機密資料(或供應某些設備使用等機密資料)或來自某些國家(或位於那裡的人)可能會禁止或限制,或須事先獲得批准,一個或多個政府(包括但不限於,台灣和日本政府) 。收件人同意不得使用,出口,進口,再出口,轉讓或以其他方式溝通,任何披露的機密資料,或從任何國家(或任何人位於那裡的) ,除了在遵守,並與所有執照,並批准的規定,適用於台灣,日本,和/或外貿出口法律和法規(包括但不限於,那些對美國商業部)

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