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請問 曼波(主角) 在被企鵝長老趕走的時候


我記得唱完的時候其中一隻說 我們唱出的是他的心聲.....

的那首歌叫什麼 那首很好聽 感謝~~

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    那首歌叫[Leader of The Pack]

    有很多人翻唱過, 我不太確定電影中是誰唱的(資料沒有明確顯示)

    Is she really going out with him?

    Well there she is, lets ask her

    Betty, is that Jimmy's ring your wearing? mmhumm

    Gee it must be great riding with him,

    is he picking you up after school today? uh-uh

    by the way, where'd you meet him?

    I met him at the candy store

    He turned around and smiled at me you get the picture?

    Yes we see

    Thats when I fell for

    The leader of the pack

    My folks were always putting him down...down, down

    They say he came from the wrong side of town

    Whatcha mean when they say he came from the wrong side of town

    They told me he was bad

    But I knew he was sad

    Thats why I fell for

    The leader of the pack

    One day my dad said find someone new

    I had to tell my jimmy we're through

    whatcha mean when you say you had to go find somebody new?

    He stood there and asked me why

    But all I could do was cry

    I'm sorry I hurt you

    The leader of the pack


    He sorta smiled, and kissed me goodbye

    the tears were beginning to show,

    as he drove away on that rainy night, I begged him to go slow.

    whether he heard, I'll never know ( no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no )

    look out look out look out!

    I felt so helpless what could I do

    Remembering all the things we've been thru

    In school they all stop and stare

    I can't hide my tears but I dont care

    I'll never forget him the leader of the pack

    Gone, the leader of the pack and now he's gone. x's 5 ( Fade)

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    抱歉, 我只有DVD, 沒收藏原聲帶

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    原版的我不太喜歡= =

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