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women who are or have been pregnant

what were your personel symptons of pregnancy especially about yuour breast mine are very sore n achy almost like flu ach is that normal

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    Nausea/vomiting (lots of it)




    sore breasts/nipples

    forgetfulness/pregnancy stupids

    got my first stretch mark a couple weeks ago

    to name a few, i seem to have experienced everything in the book

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  • Yep that's how I knew off back I was pregnant. I didn't get sick in the beginning until I was about 1 1/2 months. YES but those sore breast are horrible!! Lol. You can't lay on them...It's very painful I know.

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    Yea thats very normal. I felt horrible my entire pregnancy. Tired, sore EVERYWHERE! I couldn't even get to sleep some nights because I was so unconfrontable. The doctor had me take tyneol pm to help me sleep at night.

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  • for me i guess i am lucky.. i am 11 weeks and the only symptoms i have is occasional nausea i pee OMG so much its unreal. and every now and then i get bad gas... my boobs were sore for maybe 4 days but not at all like ppl describe..just a little sensitive to the touch

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    yep that is normal. Mine hurt do bad that even the wind going by made them ache.

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    yeah that's normal. they are growing and just like your belly, that'll get achy too.

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