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I am currently going to join the United States army reserve however I have one question

my father brought this to my attention tonight as I was having a discussion about my job as a cook in the army reserves. He has told me that the military will change my job as they see fit so if I join as a cook once I am done with basic training they will simply transfer me to a infantry or other combat unit. Is this true or just worries that my father has.

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    Technically the Army can move you into an MOS that is in critical need of qualified individuals but they really don't want to move you around because that means spending money to retrain you for another job. I wouldn't worry about it too much - but talk to a recruiter and ask him point blank. They aren't actually allowed to lie to you.

    Source(s): Marine recruiter's gf / former Army applicant.
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    Well im joining the army too and heading training this september. DONT Worry im gona eat a lot in barracks so theyll need more cook :P

    You said ur in reserves? So dnt worry then coz infantry is for Active duty. If you sign up for reserve theyll prolly transfer u to reserve jobs incase... but if america makes war with china russia iran canada mexico then yeah they might send u to infantry if its really really needed :D

    I chose linguist job coz i know how to speak another language :) and for that i get 40,000 bonus and a sweet rank!

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    You will, unless the army has an over abundance of cooks, be able to obtain this job. In the Marine Corps, the motto is that every Marine is first and foremost, a Rifleman. But seeing as your just going to be in the reserves, i wouldn't give the idea of the Army changing jobs on you too much thought.

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    I have two sons and one daughter in the regular Army. When they chose their jobs and signed the contracts, they stayed in that position for their first enlistment period. My second son is a Medic. He had 5 deployments, and then changed to a hospital assignment in order to stay stateside. My oldest son started out as a Cargo Specialist. He packed trains, planes and automobiles for shipment to other places. He re-enlisted, and they encouraged him to switch to a truck driver. He's been deployed twice and is waiting for his 3rd. My daughter has only had one job in her 4 years, and that has been as a Veterinary Technician. I don't know if it's the same for the Reserves.

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    Technically, the army can do anything they want. But they won't do that unless there are some dire circumstances at hand. They want people doing the jobs that they are trained to do. If they put unskilled individuals into unfamiliar jobs, there can be all sorts of problems...damage/loss of property, loss of life, etc. Tell your dad not to worry too much.

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    i agree to what aimwalk said.

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