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is working in the travel/tourism industry rewarding? am thinking of working as a pharmacist or in the travel

industry, each job has its adv and dis, in travel and tourism there's more excitment, pharmacist sounds really boring, but the money is good, should i go for the better paid job and more boring, or should i go for the less paid job but very interesting and exciting? please help

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    Go for Pharmacist as you can not go wrong with that field. I have a friend who graduated as a Pharmacist in 2006 and on the day of his graduation there were companies calling him offering him six figure salaries and company cars etc. It's very rewarding. The fun comes when you make enough money to go where you want to, drive what you want, live where you want, wear what you want, eat what you want, and sleep where you want. Have a great day!

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    It's true that the travel/tourism industry isn't the highest paying but I've been doing it for over 25 years now and I love it (hotel management). I have 2 friends who are pharmacists and I don't think I've ever heard either one talk about their jobs as fun or exciting or interesting. But they did start making good money long before I did and they still make more than I do and have better hours because as a hotel manager I'm literally on call 24/7.

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    Here's my suggestion. Talk to people in each industry. Find out if the travel industry is as exciting as it sounds (my friends in that industry say it used to be glamorous but has become much less so, so check that out). And talk to a couple of pharmacists in your area - what do they like/dislike about the job? Why did they go into that field?

    Also, see about the kinds of courses you'd need to take. Are you good in science?

    Both industries will continue to be in demand, but as you probably know, pharmaceuticals is way up there - people will always need medication.

    Good luck in making your decision!

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    Oh no, you obtained the pharmacist factor all flawed! I paintings at a pharmacy, and despite the fact that no longer as a pharmacist, I can inform you that pharmacists do NOT simply sit down round and promote tablets all day. Definitely no longer. You additionally need to be very well with persons, when you consider that pharmacists additionally need to provide plenty of recommendation, be geared up, and feature very well verbal exchange abilities. I additionally see pharmacists making relationships with plenty of specific varieties of persons always, when you consider that all people DOES ultimately want treatment. It will also be very beneficial when you quite revel in it. Also, when you paintings at a type of massive chain drug shops (like, say Walgreens or Shoppers Drug mart in Canada), then in addition they support with purchaser carrier. Also, the landlord of the shop I paintings at could also be the top pharmacist, and I regularly see her round serving to buyers and stocking cabinets and serving to with coaching of latest staff, and he or she without doubt has transfer holidays than the usual workplace employee. That's one of the vital different matters to do not forget, peculiarly when you wish to journey. On the opposite hand despite the fact that, when you quite feel you're going to no longer revel in being a pharmacist and most effective wish to do it for the money, then it's without doubt NOT valued at it. It's high-quality to move with what YOU wish probably the most, and if it is going into tourism, then opt for it! Still, if I had been you (despite the fact that I'm no longer [= ), I'd opt for pharmacy.

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