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Movie: the second chance, does it have Jonathan taylor thomas in it? i heard it does, and also heard it dosent


well look, it says that he is in this movie,!!!

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    no he isnt. although 4 a sec i thot he was. the name of the guy who really is in it is Jonathan Thomas. But not jtt. which stinks cuz i wudve watched it if he was in it LoL.

    on imdb type in jonathan taylor thomas in search box and u will c all movies and shows and commercialsm he has done..

    i wud hav just copied and pasted the movies and shows but fo sum reason my comp wudnt lemme sorry

    hope this helps :)

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    If you're referring to the 2006 movie, no it does not have Jonathan Taylor Thomas in it. It does however have a Jonathan Thomas in it, but that is a different person all together.

    Check this out:

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    i really don't think so. but i could be wrong. but i'm pretty sure he's not. because i heard this one day and spent half an hour trying to find him in the cast. but i did find a jonathan thomas or something, but the picture wasn't him. it probably was a mix up.

    hope that helps a little bit.

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