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Why is Western news media so biased against China?

If you watch the news about China, its all negative, if you look at Yahoo! News about China, its all negative.

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    There is an awful lot of negative news to report about China. The good news is under-reported cuz it might wake up the peeps in America to the real face of the global economy. The middle class in China is growing about the same pace the middle class in America is shrinking. Whadiya expect after a couple decades of farming jobs out to China! Our media is owned by a tiny group of peeps that make oceans of money from the global economy. They dont give 2 sugar cubes about the standard of living in America.

    This film explains how the media has merged with politics because of centralization of media ownership. It should give U an idea about why the media under-reports good news from China. The media has become a weapon of class warfare. It feeds us what the wealthy global elite freaks want us to know.


  • Shilo
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    Well, I disagree. After the earthquake in Sichuan, the media portrayed the Chinese people as a compassionate society that can respond to a natural disaster efficiently and effectively. Also, in anticipation of the Olympics, the Chinese government is demonstrating hospitality and sensitivity by taking proactive measure to reduce air pollution in Beijing. I know there are negative news reports about China, but there are also positive reports also which provides some balance.

    Source(s): Yahoo News
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    I agree and I'm sick of the backlash against China. I'm pretty sure that some people here haven't even been to China, so how would they know what it's really like? They got on well during that earthquake and it was tragic but it got sorted out. The trouble is that nobody can see the good side only the bad. It takes someone with more balance to see both sides of the coin.

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    There are a mountain of reasons why the U.S. and other countries are concerned.

    1. Not a democracy

    2. Allow starvation an no medical services to most people.

    3. Allows slave labor including children.

    4. Children are recruited in the army, and parents get money. They replace men that they loose with children.

    5. Pollution of air and water.

    6. On slaught of the Monks.

    7. Continue to kill and eat jungle meat, even though it's against the law.

    I will end this here, but if you really investigate what the media is reporting, you can find more info from other sources like from the National Geographic and there's a wild animal group, but I forgot it's name which will give you more details.

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    one million.by way of fact the autumn of former "Evil Empire" - Soviet Union we ought to discover somebody new to hate, and that bin encumbered guy should not be project-free to be located, in comparison to China, is often there 2.when you consider that maximum of folk are referred to to hate the communists. the media has to cater for them. no one would choose to make sure, or watch how chinese language has performed. 3. China certainly did many stuff that may not be so pleased with 4. Draw the attention far off from some thing they don't choose human beings to be reminded of.

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    Because of their growing power.

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    maybe due its human rights record which is shabby to say the least

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