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How does Theo Epstien compare to Brian Cashman?

On ESPN they said that the Mariners can wait till next season and get one of the elite GM's Epstien or Cashman.

How does Epstien even be considered an elite GM:

Eric Gagne (david Murphy is tearing it up in Texas)

Manny Ramirez (i understand they needed to get rid of him but they are still paying for his FULL contract)

This one i think is pretty even:

they traded a few people for Beckett and Lowell one of those was Hanely Ramirez who is way better than Lowell and the Sox already have good pitching they dont need Beckett.

Brian Chashman has been ripping people off for so long.

a-rod (the rangers ended up trading Soriano)

Abreu (none of the prospects we sent were any good)

Jose Molina (we sent a bad AA pitcher ot the Angels)

Pudge (we dont need farnsworth se wasnt going re-sign anyway)

Nady (we sent4 scrubs to the pirates)

SOme trades had more ppl involved but i just named the important ones

SO how does Epstien even compare to Cashman?


Im not trying to take shots at the red sox i just want to know what makes Epstien one of the elitte with Cashman

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    Theirs No Comparing the two Cashman Takes in what Epstein gets rid of, like Cashman takes in Pudge Rodriguez while Epstein gets rid of Manny for being Manny, lets say the Red Sox won't except Losing and Yankees won't except anyone cheap, That's how it goes.

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    The obvious omission is two crowns in the last four years. Theo has made some bold moves that sometimes failed, mostly not. He had the cajones to dispatch Nomar mid season when the Sox were rather uninspired. Result: The Sox won the WS.

    Hanley Ramirez for Beckett and Lowell? Hanley seems like he's going to continue as a great player, but the Sox won championship #2. Lowell? Drove in 125. Becket, he's the ace. You calling either of these bad? Sox don't win the championship without them.

    Cashman throws money at all the problems, sometimes that works, often not. He has the luxury of ignoring the failures. If a $10M player doesn't work, or gets hurt, well he'll just sign another $10M player. Most teams cannot do that.

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    2 World Series built on a farm system/smart trades in the last 4 years is your answer, but the most telling is that the Yankees have adopted the Sox philosophy of coveting the farm system rather than trading them away to rent a player.

    I do have to address 2 thing you said. Paying 7 million to get rid of Manny is coins to them. Plus you can't look at what Manny has done, but what would Manny do for the last 2 months. The answer was they didn't know, and if you don't know if a player is going to compete, he's got to go.

    The Sox DON'T need Beckett? Do you watch baseball often? He's the ace, despite the 9-8 record so far (look like win 10 is coming tonight)

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  • eska
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    Theo Epstein is extra suitable than Cashman. Theo has a extra suitable minor league gadget and has won 2 international sequence contained in the final 4 years whilst the Yankees have earned none.Their pitching team is only easy extra suitable and the lineup of the crimson Sox is youthful and extra dynamic. that's what Epstein has completed that Cashman hasn't, turn funds into wins with a competent farm gadget wherein Cashman certainly hasn't completed.

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    Cashman got the Yankees GM chair in February 1998 -- and promptly won three World Series, with a team and farm system largely inherited from the Gene Michael and Bob Watson administrations (Watson was rather short, 1996-97). Since that third title in 2000, well...

    Epstein was named Boston GM in November 2002, built the 2004 champion team, and another one in 2007 after winning an internal power struggle (he resigned and they begged him back). In addition to restocking the Red Sox farm system, he has made some difficult calls -- largely correctly (letting Martinez walk, trading Ramirez (who clearly did not want to be around any more), decided not to bankrupt the farm trying to get Rodriguez, others) -- and, not to be dismissed with a mere handwave, did push that stupid curse off the cliff. Noo Yawk might not understand, but that was IMPORTANT in New England.

    Yeah, Epstein holds his own quite well. One could easily ask what lets Cashman rank so highly as Kid Theo.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Epstein's considered a great GM because the Red Sox didn't win a world series without him in over 80 years and they've won two with him.

    The Yankees have won three world series under Cashman so they match up pretty well.

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    The moves Cashman made this year was great Xavier Nady for nothing really except McCutchen and got Ivan Rodrigeuz for nothing at all but the problem with cashman is that he didn't go after the teams need there both smart GM's but I think Brian Cashman has the edge right now

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  • 1 decade ago

    welll both are great gm's and apart of this slide of new young sabermetric smart gm's no more steve phiilips.

    Now No Gm has a flawless track record

    every GM has there mistakes


    jaret wright

    Randy Johnnson

    Kevin brown i can keep going but i will stop

    Theo epstien is a very smart man like he notcied that the green monster can make sombodys stats better etc ortiz or lowelll

    but the point is they are both very good Gm's

    If the yankees or the red sox lose them they will suffer cuz theese calibar Gm'S Dont grow on tree's

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  • It doesn't matter how many good players are that a team brings in to make the GM a good one. Epstein has been able to make the right moves to bring the Red Sox championships. He has been able to produce the better team chemistry. I'm not exactly sure how long Cashman has been in New York, but they haven't won a championship since 2000. So I think Epstein is the better GM for that reason.

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  • Mr.B
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    You missed:

    Theo Epstein: Built a two-time world series winning team.

    Brian Cashman: Inherited a world series winning team which had some initial success with Bob Watson's players but he has since turned them into a perennial bridesmaid.

    That's what makes Epstein an elite GM.

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