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Could this mole become melanoma?

I've got this mole checked out a few months ago. The dermatologist said that I should keep a eye on it. I've been doing that, but I'm starting to worry about it again.

I've had a few sunburns in the past. None that were really bad.

I don't get out in the sun that much, though I don't wear sunscreen.

Nobody in my family has ever had skin cancer.

I'm a non smoker.

I have a overall pretty strong immune system.

I don't go tanning

The mole in the pics haven't changed in at least 4 month. It doesn't ooze, bleed, itch or anything like that.

There is a small area where it's darker than the rest of the mole.

Upper left on the 1st pic.

I'm getting it checked out on the 27th. I just need to know what other people think, so hopefully it'll ease my mind.

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There's also some light redness around the area of the mole that you can't see in the pics. Not directly around it, but near by and it's circling the mole.

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    Melanoma is now an epidemic cancer: its incidence is rising faster than that of any other cancer, doubling every 10-20 years. When melanoma is metastatic, or spreads to other organs, the average life expectancy is only 6-10 months. Previous studies have indicated that the BRAF gene is mutated in about 75 percent of melanomas, but until this study, no one knew its role, if any, in causing the cancer.


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    Just remember the ABCDs of skin cancer- it's a good guideline to go by.

    A-- Asymmetry, if one half doesn't match the other. Melanomas usually have an irregular shape.

    B--Border irregularity, moles that are safe usually have a smooth border. Melanomas are irregular possibly rough.

    C--Color, if the color is dark and blackish or has an uneven tint it may be cancerous.

    D--Diameter, if the border is larger than a large pea than it has a greater chance of being malignant.

    I understand your concern that it may become a melanoma,but I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. Melanomas if caught early are usually fairly easy to treat. Just take good care of your skin and yourself. It will be fine. Best wishes,


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    DH why do you keep asking the same question dozens of times and why when you answer other people's questions do you put links to your own mole questions? You are obviously very worried about it so go back to the dermatologist and you have been given good advice in some of the answers.

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    The fact that the sides are jagged could mean it could be harmful. Mine didn't look as bad as that one and I had to get it removed just to be safe. It wasn't cancerous or anything, but it had a very high chance of being. You should call a doctor and have them check it out and see if they want to remove it.

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    It doesn't seem like melanoma to me. usually moles that are cancerous have a more drastic change. Usually they are a completely different color and the shape is rugged (not smooth). no sense in worrying though. you are doing the right thing by going to see a doctor. don't waste your time worrying about what it could be and just focus on the positive.

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    Any mole can become melanoma.

    You need to go to the dermatologist and get it removed if

    you feel unsure about it.

    It doesn't hurt.

    I've had it done.

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    In my opinion that is a 'seborrhoeic wart,' (pronounced seb- o- REE''- ik wart'). There isn't a common name, I'm sorry.

    It looks essentially unpigmented to me. I would not have said there were any worrying features, although I agree that the border is irregular.

    Seborrhoeic warts are harmless, but they will not go away by themselves. If you want to be rid of a seborrhoeic wart, you have to have it frozen off; or hot- diathermied off, or cut off, under local anaesthetic. If there is a specimen it should be sent to histological examination, in my opinion.

    I hope this is of some help. Maybe see on the 27th if the dermatologist agrees with me.

    Best wishes,

    Belliger (retired uk gp)

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    Just have it removed and biopsied. My husband had melanoma removed from his back--a place that never saw sunlight. Some people are just genetically predisposed. I've had several removed. It doesn't take long and doesn't really hurt.

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