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How do I put a photo on my answer instead of an avatar?

Do I need to open a 360 account? Or is there another way?

Serious answers only please.

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    The avatar is the representation of you on Yahoo! Answers. It can be a cartoon figure or a photo.

    1. If you want a cartoon figure then go to http://avatars.yahoo.com/ and create or modify one and then go to part 3.

    2. If you would rather have a photo then first pick one on your computer. If it is on the web then download it. Create a Yahoo 360 account if you don't have one. You can get one at http://360.yahoo.com/ . Click on the "My Page" tab and then "Edit Personal Photos". You are allowed to put four pictures there by following the instructions. Mark the one you want to use as primary.

    3. Now for either a cartoon or a picture save everything and go back to Yahoo Answers. Click on your old avatar in Yahoo Answers which brings you to your profile. Now go to "Edit My Info". You can pick the cartoon or picture there to use.

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    Follow these steps:

    Go to Yahoo! 360.com, click the Get Started button, sign up with email address and password

    It will take you to Home, find the tab that says My Page, and click it

    After, click Edit My Personal Photos

    Upload each of your pictures, by clicking the Browze button, once done, click in the circle next to Save As Primary

    Then scroll down, and click Save

    After, go back to Yahoo! Answers, and click on your username then click Edit my Info

    Click in the circle next to Use My Yahoo! 360 picture, then scroll down, click Preview, and click OK.

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