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confederate flag in south Carolina? why is that?

why is the confederate flag still being held in south carolina and isn't that bad and against everything that was fought against in the civil war shouldn't it be illegal? to even own a flag that signify everything anti us American?

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    The Confederate flag is part of American history just like earlier editions of our current Old Glory. It's no more anti-American to own one or even hang it behind your living room sofa instead of a painting to honor your relatives whom perished in the Civil War than it is to wear a Blue or Grey uniform for re-enactments of this war. Would be most appropriate to do this in Nevada as our state motto is "Battle Born" because the Southern states courted our favor when we were a territory instead of a state during these trying times and we actually joined the union and achieved statehood in 1864. The reason for the Civil War was more about States' Rights than slavery which was a secondary issue, but most people want to blame the South for being an evil empire because of the politically correct sheeple willing to give up their own rights to freedom of expression. I view the Confederate flag as a symbol of an era, not a banner of Satan. Last time I checked, South Carolina was still one of our 50 states and entitled to display the state flag of their choice as well as our national banner.

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    The tone of your question as well as the answer of “Mr. Taco” demonstrate the degree of historical revisionism which has occurred relative to the American War of the 1860s.

    Certainly the Slavery Issue was an element in this war and became more so as it progressed with the Emancipation Proclamation being used primarily as a propaganda tool (it freed no one) to raise more Union troops and keep Europe (primarily Great Britain) from entering the war on the side of the Confederacy. However, the major cause of the war was the Union’s federal government increasingly be taken over by political factions which moved further from the intents of the Founders and the increasingly exceeded the limitations of the Delegated Powers of the Constitution.

    Although seceding from the Union was Constitutionally legal (re: the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions written by President James Madison and President Thomas Jefferson as well as the 1828 Exposition written by Vice President John Calhoun) it was not the smartest move. Even so the Confederacy (re: the Constitution of the Confederate States of America) move the Constitutional legal system back to the intent of the Founders and Common Law.

    The flag under discussion (that with a red field and two blue diagonal stripes with white borders and white Stars) was both a Battle Flag as well as a Navel Ensign, it was not the flag of the confederacy. It represented the men who fought and not philosophical concepts. For conformation of this please read about the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and how those Union veterans attending thought about this subject.

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    The Confederate flag is neither bad nor racist. Unfortunately there are many people with such a narrow understanding of the war that they think there was one side that was absolutely right and one side that was absolutely wrong. The Civil War was not caused by a single issue as some people think but it was more a combination of issues that were simply not addressed well during the early days of the nations existence.

    Source(s): Someone who has actually studied history and not simply gone on Wiki for answers.
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    The confederate flag is not anti-american. That's like saying anyone whose relatives fought for the confederacy are anti-american. That's absurd. It's a part of American history. THe civil war was fought over the state's right to make it's own laws. Nothing more, nothing less. Despite what you've been told by your apparently liberal teachers it had ZERO to do with slavery. Read a book.

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    The U.S. Civil War is part of the heritage of this nation for one thing. The South WASN'T anti-U.S. if you want to be more honest. Read their Constitution. You will find that it is amazingly close to ours. It was more an issue about the how Govt should be set up. They wanted the Govt to be more run by States. The U.S. thinks the Feds should run EVERYTHING. Honestly read about the Civil War and the Confederacy instead of just believing what they teach in schools. Remember history is written by the winners, in other words they will teach you the history they want you to know. If you read books about what really happened you get a different picture.

  • You have been mislead in what the Confederate Flag stood for. The Flag represented American States that held to a strong belief in States' Rights. Their main issue was a continued right to self rule. They believed that a strong central government would eliminate states rights.

    One of the best reflections of the common southerners feelings was a line from the movie GETTYSBURG. Lt. Chamberlain was talking to three southern prisoners when one of them replied to his question of why they were fighting this war. "I don't know about no darkies, I'm just fighting for my rights."

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    VwGirl is right.... like most (maybe all) wars, the sheep-like populace is fooled into fighting for some "sacred" cause, such as the abolition of slavery. The Civil War was about the federal government mad thirst for power at the expense of over 600,000 human lives, all of them our countrymen.

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    Because there are still a bunch of hillbilly racists there rationalizing their "history" to promote themselves and their forefathers' betrayal of this country and human decency. That said, it should NOT be illegal. There is a little thing called "Freedom of Speech" that trumps the mental retardation of racists.

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    It doesn't seem racist to me, but that's just me.

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