Rate my Pokemon team

Err... rate my pokemon team please? They're all level 100 so um.. yeah.

Also, when '???' or / appears, that's when you come in. I'm not sure about some attacks and what items to hold so please help ~____^




Stone Edge

Grass Knot

Substitute/Protect/Swords Dance

Nature: Jolly



Double Hit

Brick Break/Fling ( With dread plate )

Water Pulse/Last Resort


Nature: Jolly



Poison Jab

GrassWhistle/Rest ( Trait: Natural Cure Helps )

Rain Dance/Sunny Day

Weather Ball

Nature: Jolly




Iron tail

Protect/Discharge/Giga Impact

Nature: Adamant


Head Smash/Zen Headbutt



Swords Dance/ Rock Polish

Nature: Jolly



Calm Mind

Shadow Ball

ThunderBolt - ???

Nature: Modest

Rank them please!!!! 8D


Please don't answer if you don't know what you're talking about or won't give an explanation as I will simply ignore it because it doesn't help xD

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    "Inferno" can hold an Expert Belt, since its attacks have good type coverage.

    It can also have Substitute in the last slot since its better than Protect and Swords Dance, in your case at least.

    Ambipom should hold a Life Orb because it needs all the power it can get if its Jolly. Brick Break is better than Fling since it won't have nothing to Fling. Last Resort is a good option once you have used all your moves at least once.

    You can give Roserade an item called Wise Glasses. Also consider Sludge Bomb over Poison Jab because Roserade has a higher Sp. Attack than Attack. Sludge Bomb is also more powerful and gets Wise Glasses's boost. Give it GrassWhistle as Natural Cure could just get rid of status conditions. Fire + Grass is a good combo. And since you have more fire attacks than water, Sunny Day could help them too.

    Luxray's attack is higher than its sp. attack, so you can give it Thunder Fang. It can also have Discharge, just incase you run into a physical wall.

    Rampardos has to have Head Smash, as it also gets STAB. If you don't like the recoil, you can teach it Rock Slide (if you give it Rock Polish) or Stone Edge.

    Gardevoir can have Thunder Bolt. It can take out waters which can be a problem for your team.

    Your team as it is right now gets a 6/10. Consider the suggestions I said above.

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    First of all you have a mess here:

    i dont know why are you using a jolly nature and two special attacks!

    jolly degrades the sp attack so if you want him for physical sweeping it would be better to have this moveset:

    Item-life orb

    Nature- jolly

    Close Combat-(obvius reasons why you dont have it?)

    Flare blitz- (another powerful STAB attack that can kill even a skarmory)

    Swords Dance is ok

    And Stone Edge or ThunderPunch

    This is for Physical Sweeping

    You can have him as special sweeping or a Mixape too but i preffer this one.

    Ambipom-- Ambipom is a really mess in here.

    You cant have an Ambipom with Water pulse, protect or Fling!

    This would be a good moveset

    Item- Life orb



    Fake out(its when you switch in it gains STAB,life orb boost and the technician boost and makes flinch a great move for him?

    Brick Break(for coverage)

    Payback (to complete the fight-dark combo and a great coverage)

    Return(your most powerful STAB move)

    Other big problem is the roserade with jolly nature. Jolly cuts his special attack and raises speed so the good nature would be TIMID because that one cuts attack and raises speed.

    You can use The Weather combo but its very fragile and i recommend to use the choice specs set its much better:

    Item: Choice Specs

    Nature: Jolly


    Leaf Storm : Its power is compared to a Salamence Draco Meteor!

    Sludge Bomb(for coverage and secondary STAB

    Hidden Power Fire/Shadow Ball

    Sleep Powder/Weather Ball

    In Luxrai you have the right Nature but the moves are failing a lot:

    Nature- Adamant

    Item: Choice band

    Spark(the paralisis)

    Ice fang(coverage)


    Crunch/Quick Attack

    This set is For a physical sweeping but if you want to use mixed sweeper this is the set:

    Item: Life Orb

    Nature: Rash/Naive


    Hidden Power Grass/ground


    Ice fang

    Your Rampardos has a good moveset but insted of head smash i would use Stone edge cuz its powerful and you dont get the recoil. And if you are using rock polish or swords dance give him a FOCUS SASH

    Gardevoir has a great moveset so is the most correct you added.

    Your team is good i would gave it 5/10

    I really recommend you to add a Tank/physical/special wall cuz your team is purely offensive and is really hard to win without the support of a Stealth Rock or Spikes.

    You should get a Skamory/Forretress/Umbreon/Cresselia/Uxie/Gliscor or one that helps you.

    Hope I Helped (;

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    There awesome because u have all diffrent types so if ur oppenent had a type thats good against the pokemon u had out u can switch to something better, there good have moves that are diffrent then there type (ex: Rampardos vs. Swampert then he can use zen headbutt to kill it) i do it to my friend all the time, well ill rate it from a scale from 1 -10 ill give it a 9!

    Source(s): Played Pokemon since 3 and beated every game
  • Put Exp Shares, Amulet Coin, and Berries

    Thunderbolt is good for Gardevoir!

    Overall I give you an 8 out of 10!

    Keep up the good work!

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    i would hav 2 giv ur team a 3.. I would giv u a detailed explaination on y it'z a 3 but I really hav 2 go right now and ur only gud pokemon iz rampardos..

  • 1 decade ago

    well id say if u get a alakazam instead of gardevoir then your team would be great



    shadow ball

    focus blast


    nature modest

    instead of rampardos use shuckle

    instead of luxray use magnazone

    ambipom??? whats with him. use a belly snorlax!!!

    id give ur team a 5 because it good but it neds more strength and with speed

    Source(s): my pokemon party =P
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    id say 6/10 its an ok team but neads a lil bit of work

  • 6 years ago

    sorry i can beat that team no problem 2/10

  • 1 decade ago

    i give you a five out of tem because the pokemon that is in your team is good but some of their moves suck

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    1 decade ago

    oooh, your pokemen team is unbeatable, they have ultimate combination of ultimateness and it is brought to the EXTREME~ POKEMON superpowers will be able to defeat any and all with your power of confidence and well defined abilities!!! awesomeness to the ultimate power SQUARED! ooooh

    Source(s): dont forget! you still gotta ketchem all!!!!- ash ketchem- your hero!
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