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What people think of North Carolina?

My best friends are moving to North Carolina next year in June and my husband wants to move there too. The thing is I'm a New York girl and I know I won't like it there. Plus, my family lives in New York and I would feel so bad if I moved so far from my Mom. My question is if anyone's been there? If they like it and are the people as nice as my friend says? Also, how much the houses run for and last, are any good, paying jobs there?

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    I have lived in North Carolina almost all of my life and I have lived in urban and rural environments in this state.

    A lot of it just depends on where you are in North Carolina. It's one of the most diverse states as far as how cities and towns vary from one another. For instance, as a New Yorker, I'd bet you'd HATE a place like Wilmington or Winston-Salem, but you'd probably be ok with a place like Charlotte, or you could go to Chapel Hill where most of the people are from up north anyway. A lot of people who live in North Carolina's bigger cities now are people who have migrated from the North, especially people living in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill because of RTP.

    Do you like the beach and conservative southern living? Then you'll like Wilmington. Do you like the mountains and a slow-paced way of life? Then you'll like Asheville. But it depends on where you go and honestly if you find a place that you end up not liking, that doesn't really mean you wouldn't have liked it somewhere else.

    The people in North Carolina tend to be more courteous, move a little slower, have a lot more patience, and be less competitive than people in other areas of the country; that's not me talking, that's what people who have relocated say. But even I have noticed subtle things, for instance, when I spent a week in Philadelphia earlier this year, as soon as a traffic light changed, people were blowing horns; in North Carolina, shoot a lot of times if people weight 10 whole seconds after the light changes to go, people still won't blow at you. There are a lot of people here who aren't nice or who are prejudice, but that's everywhere; I think we may have more nice people per capita here.

    Unlike a lot of other places, North Carolina has a lot of good homes for lower prices, particularly if you commute into the city. For instance, you can have a job making $60K or $70K in Raleigh and have a not-too-bad commute to Youngsville where you can get a VERY nice home for $100,000; a home that'd probably cost you $200,000+ in Jersey.There are good jobs throughout the state but a lot will depend on what you can do. I am the type of guy that likes a state job, and those are actually very competitive and hard to get in North Carolina. If you can teach or are willing to go into lateral entry teaching, you will be able to get a job anywhere you choose in North Carolina.

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    NC is a wonderful state i have lived in several areas and have vacationed in in others you dont say where in NC they are moving so i can only tell you what i know the people are freindly the job market is steady,and the weather is pretty good you do get some snow in the winter and it gets pretty damn hot in the summer the food is some of the best the entertaiment is endless you can gamble ,climb a mnt,white water rafting,canoeing,camping,you can shop in some of the finest stores to some of the most unusual in the fall its all about the apple ,orchards are everywhere,the scenery during anny season cant be beat,houses can be rented for as low 675.00 for 2 bdrm 2ba home

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