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Who Agrees With Me That Jacob's POV was WAYYYY Better Than Bella's!

jakes POV was better it was funner and yeah 0- way better! especially when he went to seatlle to impritn ona girl! so hot!

bella was all 'have sex with me edward" "edward, edward edward!"

- thats belal

jake was wayyy more fun and eveything!

i also like seth and leah

leah was the first person to YELL at bella - thats wat i liked about her! i felt sorry for her and the sam thing.

bella pissed me off i dotn know why but she just did!

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    yeah... i was really dissapointed with bella's pov in breaking dawn. although i did like to hear how she felt when she was being changed.

    i love jacob, and his pov was the main thing that was keeping me reading breaking dawn! i still LOVE those books though! lol

    ill give you a star...because i totally agree with you. haha

    have a great day!!!


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    Yes i totally agree with you.

    Jacob pov was the best, its different and i love the attitude jake has towards other and i am really glad meyer showed more of seth and leah, i wish they imprinted on someone too :(

    anyways it was the best part in the whole book plus jake is not a worry wart like bella who thinks through every damn thing over and over and he is not melodramatic in the slightest. i love jake more and i love the werewolves just as much as the cullens minus nessis and bella

  • Tml
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    I really loved Jake's pov too. I am glad SM switched it because ibdont think I could handle being Bella's head during her pregancy. Jacob is super funny. I loved the conflict between him and Rose with the blonde jokes. I'm still a little pissed that he imprinted on the Loch Ness Monster aka reneesme. Jacob is my fav character so it was nice to be in his head.

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    Edward- he's inclined to do some thing to maintain her trustworthy...even avoid her. He is this kind of great man, and looks after her. I like Jacob, I suppose he's awsome, however simplest as her buddy. If he might recover from the truth that he wishes extra, and quit pushing for it I might like him plenty extra. But Jacob is the one purpose why Bella survived while Edward left...he simply is not the only for Bella.

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    I wasn't a fan of Jacob until I read his POV. I think his POV and Bella's POV in book three were my fave. Book one was rushed.

  • Anonymous
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    Yes i loved his Pov.. he was soo funny.. lol I Liked Bella's part too but Jacob's more! =]

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I know! Bella is whiny, boring and dependent. All she can think about is Edward.

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    i feel the exact same. e was funnier i laughes out loud when it was in his POV. bella is too whiny and acts like everything is centered around her


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    i did like jacob's pov more, probably because it was funnier...

    hehe "blondie".... he made me laugh more than bella

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    NO! i totally disagree!!!

    i thought that i would like jacob more once i saw his POV, but i hated him more. he pissed me off when he imprinted on renesmee.

    i didnt like bella to begin with, but i started sympathizing more with her once she was pregnant and everything. i loved her as a vampire honestly. i thought she was less dramatic than she was as a human and she pissed me off.

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