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Is it just me or are 9/11 conspiracy theorists off their meds?


For example they do not believe that WTC 7 was severely damaged, or that the collapse was expected.

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The dont know that the hole at the pentagon was 45 feet wide. That circular hole was 16-18 feet wide and the body of a 757 is 12 feet wide.

They also believe that the floors would have been nicely stacked up or distinguishable.

Update 2:

mordent- I am trying to deprogram the conspiracy clowns.

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    I can't speak to the Pentagon, as I didn't see it with my own eyes, but I watched from my rooftop as the second place hit the WTC, and I witnessed the collapse of both towers. My wife (then my fiance) was in the first tower hit, just coming up from the subway. She called thinking a bomb had gone-off, because she felt the building shake. She got out fine, and was smart enough to get far away from the towers before they fell.

    Having witnessed this so closely, and from the accounts of my wife, who watched from an even closer vantage point, the collapse was NOT aided by additional explosives, as so many conspiracy theorists claim. The volume of jet-fuel released by the crashed planes was more than enough on its own to precipitate the collapse.

    I've noticed that most of the conspiracy theorists are not from NYC, and did not witness the tragedy with their own eyes. It's hard to really understand the vast size of the fires that were burning in the towers without having seen it live, with your own eyes. I guess that's why so many of them doubt that the planes alone caused the towers to collapse.

    Source(s): My own two eyes.
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    Jeez. You again. Do you ask any questions that aren't rhetorical or insulting?

    What's up with you? Do you have OCD? This is definitely obsessive behavior. As I've repeated previously, ask a different type of question that you actually want an answer to, or go read a book - something with lots of pictures in keeping with your mental age.

    Could you please stop lying? WTC7 was damaged. We know how badly because the firefighters who took photographs of that section said it wasn't that bad in numerous interviews. Why? Because both WTC5 AND WTC6 were standing BETWEEN the twin towers protecting WTC7 from debris, and they were BOTH partially standing even after WTC7 collapsed. Everyone wants to see the evidence of those photographs, except that we can't because according to Popular Mechanics, your favourite source of info, the government has classified them. We are supposed to know who did it (Saudis apparently), yet 7 yrs later, these photos that could easily prove the government's case are still classified. You don't find that strange?

    Listen. If you are so absolutely sure that fire warping the steel and structural damage caused the 3 buildings to collapse catastrophically and fall neatly into their footprints, then why aren't you campaigning to change the architectural standards and fire safety codes of buildings to prevent another catastrophic collapse of a skyscraper during a bad fire? Why are you whining here instead of campaigning to change the safety laws affecting every single skyscraper in America? Hey? Because in the 100 yr history of skyscrapers, with accidents, severe fires, bombings, and damage, there has never been a collapse like this in the whole world, ever. Yet 3 happened in one day.

    It beggars belief the silly stuff you post - what must go through your tiny pin head when you attack other people instead of actually doing something constructive about the stuff you believe in? I cannot begin to guess.

    Source(s): I don't know this website, but they've got a good aerial photo so you can see for yourself what I mean about WTC 5 & 6. PS: I DARE YOU TO PUT THIS QUESTION TO A VOTE. :)
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    Hello CB. U sound sad today.

    Those patriots are not on meds so it might be just you. The problem with meds is they contain ingredients that make peeps into sheeple.

    Thats why Hitler was so into those meds. They suppress the parts of the brain that make peeps question authority. Why do U think the elite global freaks have purchased so much science to get half the population onto those meds? When the sheeple stop taking the meds the country will wake up. It may be too late then. Dont be one of the sheeple CB. If U are on meds, get off of them hasto pronto. And for God's sake stop drinking fluoride if U are. Same shart! Look up how Hitler used fluoride.

    Hey--I posted this link for U before. I doubt these high level military & intelligence peeps questioning 911 are on meds!

    Also IDK any serious 911 researchers who think the Pentagon hole was 16 feet wide. The govt put out a misleading photo that created that myth. Many peeps havent gotten past that yet. There are still problems with the official theory of the Pentagon strike but I do agree with U on the width of the hole. Your info about the degree of damage to WTC7 is propaganda tho. Forget WTC7 for now. Wait for the NIST report. Why beat a dead horse that isnt dead yet? So doing might make U need meds and those meds might turn you into a sheeple so be careful.

    So long for now.

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    here is why they're full of ****:

    If there was a massive governmental conspiracy, wouldn't the government make the makers of films like Zeitgeist and Loose Change "disappear" to keep their story under wraps?

    I mean, if they can perpetrate the destruction of the WTC and Pentagon, surely taking out a couple of twenty-something college students editing a video in their parents basement would be a piece of cake. Never mind all the factual inaccuracies and half-truths in those "films".

    The fact that the people who "expose" the conspiracy are alive and well is proof that there was no conspiracy by the government.

    Source(s): logic
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    No, but I believe you must be off YOUR meds. I don't understand what drives someone to devote so much of their life to arguing with people they think are crazy. If you really believe we're off our rockers then why not go on with your life and leave us alone?

    If you like videos.. here's what a worker who was inside wtc7 says.

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    These are the folks Yahoo is protecting naive they don't delete their Q's & Answers.

    Subdue with its multiculturalism to spearhead arrogance that here is a platform for real debaters rather another way to collect statistics and say we can't serve Public Service. Whoever is deleting answers and questions are not helping derail community leaders has fetched short within locality whilst the only charlatan to wear generations consortium of Global Citizenship is Obama Renaissance.

    Yahoo Team needs to let us know if here is not a platform for debaters rather another site to finance what is coming next for us all to ? our single mothers and fathers derail mine left the woman she called feminist whilst he constitutes the chip attitude of its blackness.

    Whoever send you has not spoil your friendship with the so called black community rather you are part of what I called AIDS

    You are part of the cold mind set that are still holding walls of segregation. Instigating that Poverty is better than military; they have send them as counter Liberal harbingers to steer the wheels of discomfort.

    For the sake of civilization you are off ur head.

    Source(s): HARBINGERS
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    Hi,I in all honesty do not know what makes them think it was a conspiracy.All I know is i was sat watching the tele when it switched to the news.I sat horrified in total disbelief what happened.I am English

    & my heart went out to the people who where left behind to make sense of the horror.To this day I cannot understand how anyone could do such a terrible crime.

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    You are trying to 'Deprogram' people? You are as obsessed as they. Move on.

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    What is more interesting is why you have been constantly going on about this same subject for so long. What motives do you have?

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    Well at least you can have the pleasure of reassuring them you keep taking yours!

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