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曉程 asked in 科學及數學化學 · 1 decade ago

French Fries

"Non-Decayed food?"

A person left French Fries A together with some other kinds of

food bought from other restaurants. He wanted to find out the

rate of different food decayed. Food from the other restaurants

decayed quickly, but the French Fries A did not. After 10 weeks

,the fries still had not started to decayed.

Why the French Fries A still had not started to decayed after 10 weeks???

Is that the cause of antiseptic???Thx

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  • 莫愁
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    1 decade ago
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    Some basic biochemistry knowledge.

    There are two kinds of fats saturated(飽和) and unsaturated(不飽和). For

    saturated one, it does not have any double bonds while the unsaturated has.

    For unsaturated fat, it has monounsaturated(單不飽和脂肪) and

    polyunsaturated(多元不飽和脂肪). Formonounsaturated, it has only one

    double bond while polyunsaturated has a lot of double bond. For those

    unsaturated one if it is found in natural(大自然), all double bonds are in cis

    form(順式). However, for the unsaturated fat undergoes hydrogenation(氫化處理) will give trans (反式)fat脂肪

    The rate of the spoiling of food depends on how much trans fat the food has.

    The more the trans fat the food has, the slower is its spoiling rate and the

    long is its self-life. Hence,French Fries A should have more trans fat than

    food bought from other restaurants due to undecayed after 10 weeks!

    Besides this reason, French Fries A may have antioxidant BHA or BHT while

    food bought from other restaurants have not. BHA and BHT prevents

    oxidizing damage of the food. As you know, bacterical spoiling is an

    oxidation process. But with BHA and BHT, such an oxidative step can be

    prevented, leading to very slow decaying rate.

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