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一、What are the advantages of the variation of linked allocation that uses a FAT to chain together the blocks of a file?

二、Some file systems allow disk storage to be allocated at different levels of granularity. For instance, a file system could allocate 4 KBof disk space as a single 4-KB block or as eight 512-byte blocks. How could we take advantage of this flexibility to improve performance? What modifications would have to be made to the free-space management scheme in order to support this feature?

三、Consider a file system that uses a modifed contiguous-allocation scheme with support for extents. A file is a collection of extents, with each extent corresponding to a contiguous set of blocks. A key issue in such systems is the degree of variability in the size of the extents. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the following schemes:

四、Give an example of an application that could benefit from operating system support for random access to indexed files.

五、Discuss the merits and demerits of supporting links to files that cross mount points (that is, the file link refers to a file that is stored in a different volume).

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    二,一些文件系統,讓磁盤存儲將分配在不同級別的粒度。舉例來說,一個文件系統可以撥出4 kbof的磁盤空間作為一個單一的4 KB的塊或8 512字節的塊。我們又如何能夠充分利用這一靈活性,以提高性能呢?什麼修改,便須作出的自由空間管理計劃,以支持此功能呢?



    五,討論的優點和缺點,支持鏈接文件,兩岸裝入點(即,文件鏈接是指到一個文件是儲存在不同的量) 。

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