What NBA team in the past 5 years (that has not won a title) do you believe deserved one?

I personally believe it's either the Mavericks or Suns, what do you think?

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    2002 Sacramento Kings (61 Wins) #1 Team for this year

    2003 Dallas Mavericks (60 Wins) Tied for the #1 spot, I'm happy that it had to take another 60 win team to knock them out

    2004 Indiana Pacers (61 Wins) #1 Team for this year

    2005 Phoenix Suns (62 Wins) #1 Team for this year


    Detroit Pistons(64 Wins)League #1,San Antonio Spurs(63 Wins)Western's #1 team, 2nd in the league, Dallas Mavericks(60 Wins) 3rd best in the league. The only teams to reach 60 wins for this season


    Dallas Mavericks(67 Wins) I would like to put Phoenix Suns next to Dallas on this year, but I never believed that this Phoenix team actually had a chance to beat the Spurs, as the first @ss whoopin was enough to convince me.


    I was hoping that this year would be like the others and not let the #1 team in the league win the championship. This is the only year that I look that I truly believe that the #1 team in the league did not deserve the championship, along with phoenix in 2005 but I'm glad that they lost to the Spurs.

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    2003 Mavericks. Tied for the best record in the league. David Stern would commit suicide if Mark Cuban won a title. Look at game 1 of that series. Bowen gives Finley a cheap shot, no call. Finley retaliates, gets ejected.

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    1. Suns- Steve Nash and Amare Stoudamire

    2. Mavericks- Dirk, Jason Terry, and Juwan Howard

    3. Hornets- Chris Paul and David West

    4. Jazz- Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, and AK47

    5. Nuggets- Allen Iverson, Kenyon Martin, Carmelo Anthony, and Marcus Camby

    All of which are great players and they all need a ring. Now why can't they get it if they really want it is the real question....

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    None, their should be no excuses.....

    -Mavericks don't even have a case, they blew the 2-0 lead not the refs,they were obviously the deeper team, D-Wade just burnt them

    -Suns have a little more of a case, but even with Amare getting suspended, they still had 2 chances to beat the Spurs.....

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, to refresh your memories, the Suns had the title won a few years back, until Amare's left big toe slipped onto the court and David Stern screwed them and let San Antonio get to the conference finals. Does anybody else want to remember that the Suns we're the 2nd best team during the regular season and we're (after Golden State) the FUNNEST team in history to watch?

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    Dallas Mavericks. They're hurt too much, esp. Dirk Nowitzki. As an avid fan of the team, I'm very much hurt too.


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    I have to say the Suns and the 2002 Kings. Both were great to watch and had amazing chemistry. Sadly both fell just short of getting a title.

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    i would like to think it's the suns with talent they have. it's just experience and luck that has cost them. they weren't able to compete with the dirty basketball of the spurs last season and even this year, had they won game 1, i think they coulda beat the spurs and maybe even go the whole way. duncan hit a buzzer beating 3 in that game, just shows u their luck.

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    Phoenix Suns. Very entertaining and on a decline

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