I need a laptop to play spore

hi im looking for the cheapest laptop that can meet spores specs. im fine with anything even a costum biulkt one from a site like dell if you give me the stuff to put in. here are the spes for spore http://www.spore.com/what/specs_spore.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    theres a lot of

    cheap loptop here

  • 3 years ago

    That pc is completed overkill for Spore. I even have the older sort of that pc (in actuality an identical pc different than with a 1920x1200 exhibit screen somewhat of a 1440x900 exhibit screen, and 512 MB 9800M GTS somewhat of a 1GB 9800M GTS) and it crushes any interest I throw at it (via "overwhelm" I mean being waiting to max out a interest at 1920x1200 selection). Crysis and Crysis Warhead have been the only exceptions yet i will nevertheless run even those 2 video games at 27 FPS conventional on very intense/fanatic settings @ 1280x800 selection. in case you p.c. to play distinctive laptop video games like Crysis, a million/2-existence 2, mirror's part, Fallout 3, and so on. then pass forward and get that pc because of the fact it is the excellent gaming pc you are going to locate for decrease than $2000. although, for the reason which you're saying the only interest you p.c. to play is Spore i could propose against procuring that pc for the reason which you will purely be dropping funds for hardware which you're in no way going to apply. Any decent laptop will run Spore, there's no would desire to purchase a gaming laptop for it. procuring that pc for Spore could be like procuring a tank to kill a fly.

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