Have you ever totalled your own Yahoo! Group?

Like, one you founded? Why, and how did you feel about it?

I did it tonight. It was about a controversial topic (I'm not going to mention which one because I don't want to taint peoples' viewpoints.) I didn't mind arguing; I did mind people calling each other names and a few very loud bullies in the group. The bullies were quicker to start fights than I was able to keep peace, and I do have a life outside the computer, so...I walked out and handed it to the first person who said they wanted it, and I know almost for certain it'll be dead within a month.

Does anyone have a similar experience?

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    No I've felt like it but never done it, when I ran into a big problem with nasty posts I put everyone causing problems on moderation and made it that new members first posts were moderated. That solved it real fast.

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