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Can a tongue piercing ruin your teeth and/or gums?

Hey guys. Last question about my tongue piercing, i swear lol. Is it possible for a tongue ring to ruin or mess up your gums and/or teeth? How? And if so, can i prevent it?

Thanks for the helppp

Update 2:

Oh and if your going to be an ******** about it, and tell me i wont ever get a job, you can f*ck off. =] Because my best friend and sister who's 23, is a nurse along with many other successfull people i know with piercings/tatts, okay? Mkkkkaaayy.

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    all you have to do to prevent your teeth from chipping or ruining your teeth from the metal is get a plastic tongue ring. when I had mine, it was a little different at first, but you will get used to the feel of the plastic. just make sure you get a good length where it won't pinch your tongue, other than that, you still have the look, but not the bad teeth.

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    they are actually bad for your gums but thats no reason for her to refuse that. most people prefer to wear the metal balls that they pierce with, or other metal ones that have diffrent designs. when people wear these the metal scrapes against the gum and teeth weaking the gum and enamal on your teeth. thats why dentist always advise you not to get that piercing. there is a solution and thats to wear arcliyc balls. ( the plastic barbell balls if you dnt know ) those are so much better because they dnt were down the enamal in your teeth. also if you accidently bite down on them they break, instead of your teeth - which the metal ones can doo - the arcylic comes in so many colors and designs i love them way better than the metal ones anyways ;P - if you likee the look of the metal ones you can wear the metal on the top - so people can see that onee - and wear an arcylic ball on the bottem so it doesnt damage your teeth (: soo yeah go too another piercing shop that does tongue pircings :) goodluck (:

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    It can cause - pain, swelling, localized (in the area) and systemic(body) infection, nerve damage, broken teeth, broken dental work, excessive salivation and drooling, gingival recession (your gums creep down and teeth end up looking to long), alteration of taste, interference with speech, chewing and swallowing, scar tissue, sensitivity or allergic reaction to metal, etc

    "The effects of oral piercing" Mark G. Kacerik, RDH, MS in this months Journal of Practical Hygiene (a dental hygienist's journal)

    Sorry to say, the best thing to do to save yourself the possible problems and spending the money to fix them (potential fillings, root canal, or need for a cap (crown) or a trip to the gum specialist (periodontist) is to remove your piercing!!!

    Hope that helps

    JAMRDH - a dental hygienist

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    it's not that big of a deal. Dont get the biggest barbell in the house. try not to play constantly with it with your tongue. Use plastic body jewelry when u think your going to be chewing alot. If you do cocaine or stuff like that, take it off before you get high. it wont mess up your gums, the idea is that with stainless and big barbells, they knock into your teeth and can chip the enamel. that's it. i've treated alot of people with piercings, so i know . good luck

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    Yeah, you can prevent it by not doing it. It can break your teeth and the bacteria that it harbors can lead to gum disease, bad breath, and yes, tooth loss. There are other ways to express yourself without compromising your future health.

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    Oh god, I've had a metal ball/bar in mine for a year and I always smack it across my teeth by accident but no damage at all.

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    Besides, it looks gross to older folks. Apply for a job with me, you would not have a chance. I would find another reason, of course, like finding someone better qualified. Same for tattoos that show. Want a butterfly on your butt, fine. Just not where my patients can see it. You may be a wonderful person, but there is a certain predjudice that folks with piercings and tattoos try other things like drugs, too, and that is a major negative.

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    yes it can. the metal in the ball can chip enamel off of your teeth. plus the constant contact of metal and soft tissue cant be good. use rubber or plastic instead

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    first make sure you are using surgical steel, that does not rot, the issue is the larger the gauge of the pierceing

    the chances of the steel may hit your teeth from time to time.

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