How come my PS3 doesn't support PS2 games?

Before i played MGS4 i wanted to play 1, 2, and 3. I played MSG1 and when i put MGS2 i got a message saying PS3 isn't compatible with PS2 software?!! How is it possible it supports PS1 games but not PS2 games?!?

MGS= Metal Gear Solid

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    PS1 emulation was perfect for the PS2. When they made the PS3, that emulation was carried over. So the PS3 can play all PS1 games.

    The PS3 originally had a piece of PS2 hardware installed that allowed it to play PS2 games. However adding this hardware increased the cost of PS3 production and as such, also increased the price it costs to buy.

    Sony removed the hardware, but decide to use the same type of emulation for PS2 games, that they were already using for PS1 games. The problem was, that this emulation wasn't perfect, so rather than working on it and fixing it, they decided to remove it completely and gave the excuse "we are working on making new features and additions to the console rather than spending time and resources working on something old", they also pointed out that PS3 users didn't want PS2 emulation, but new PS3 features.

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    The 40GB version isn't backwards nicely matched with PS2 video games. not something which you're able to do to alter that, meaning no modding, downloading some unlawful utility, or something like that. i'd propose figuring out to purchase a PS2 as a exchange of spending much extra on a backwards nicely matched PS3. The PS2 in straight forward terms expenditures $a hundred.

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    The original PS3s (20GB and 60GB) were natively able to support PS2 games via the Emotion Engine and GPU (the 2 major components of the PS2.) In an effort to cust costs, Sony removed these from the PS3 system. The only current model able to support the PS2 software is the 80GB, which is about to disappear itself.

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    If you have a 40 gig ps3, ps2 games aren't compatible, only ps1

    only the 80 gig models support full backwards compatibility

    Source(s): I have 40 gig version
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  • 1 decade ago

    the 40gb ps3 doesnt play ps2 games... i have a 40gb ps3 and i was a lil dissapointed when i found that out. but i have a ps2 so that is ok.

    Source(s): 40gb PS3 owner
  • 1 decade ago

    its because u have the model that doesnt support ps2 games

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    damn u screw up, only the 40 cant play ps2 games

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you probably have a 40gb witch isnt backwords compatible with ps2 games.

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