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Whats high school fashion like?

What kinda clothes do the "normal" kids? I wear




I am kinda "big". I am overweight, and short and I have a small chest....

So yeah...


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    Here are some idea that come to mind:

    for a top, since your chest is smaller and because of your weight, and ideal top for you is one that hugs your chest and goes away from your stomach, but ends just below the widest part of your thighs.

    or you can go with a shirt that is belted at the waist. this gives you the illusion of an hourglass figure.

    for pants:

    you should definitely get dark wash flare jeans, which can be found anywhere. these will make you look significantly slimmer and elongate your legs.

    as for a shoe, go with a heal. this trick makes any girl look leaner.

    if you are wanting to wear a flat shoe, try to go with one that is very open on-top and closed at the toe, in a dark color.

    Have fun shopping!

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    you are aware that highschool age kids an entire segment of the country's population and therefore that many kids must wear about a billion different things. wear what you want. kids at your average public highschool will probably be in an awful lot of mall clothing, so you can go to abercrombie or hottopic or whatever for that. just wear what flatters you and with someone who is slightly overweight that's important to keep in mind. pencil skirts and flowy blouses look so amazing on girls who are a little heavy, even to a point where im a little jealous. also, a-line skirts are always a great bet. don't wear clothes that are too tight and find looks that work for you

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    More freedom. You can wear whatever you like. Freshman are still stuck in that immature phase so they judge your clothes but once you get to like Junior year you have full rein. Wear and do whatever you want because everyone is too preoccupied with graduating to care. Best part of high school!

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    Basically they have much more fashion sense. Lots more accessories, and more dressing up. You can actually wear a dress without being stared (at least that's how it was in my old middle school) You can wear pretty much anything you'd like.

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    *people at my highschool wear all kinds of things but I don't let that phase me and it shouldn't you either. wear what you like. If you try to be fake or dress a certain way to fit in with some people you might meet the wrong people who are nothing like you. I've found that if you dress the way you like it's ten times better than faking it.*

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    looks like you're wearing the right stuff! jewelry can also make a statement and colors can say a lot.

    however it really sucks that people judge so quickly...whether it be weight or clothes..let your personality shine!

  • Depends where you live... but don't worry about what other people are wearing. Wear what you're comfortable in & what you like. People like you for who you are.. not the way you dress.

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    I am going into high school so i am not sure what high school fashion is like but from what i`ve seen, everything works. as long as ur satisfied with what ur wearing, its probably fine.

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    there not living in a diffrent universe.......they wear the same thing.

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    Omg last year...sohpmore year I wored a baby doll to school but I wouldn't wear it this year..cause come on its last year.

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