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Shimano 2200 bicycle components

I know these are listed below SORA components, and are the lowest of the shimano higher end components. I am curies as to how they perform compared to SORA. If anyone has ever used the 2200 before, let me know how they compare.

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    2200 components are what are commonly called "non-series". Shimano has this type of thing for almost all of their lines with the exception (I think) of Dura Ace and XTR.

    Ultimately, 2200 is a designation to allow speccing of the last generation of parts. For example, the 2200 STI shifters are 7 speed and there are no model names on the derailleurs or other parts.

    Compared to Sora? Well, functionally they are the same but tend to be based on a previous years technology, using old molds and dies. If I had a choice I wouldn't use them BUT often use front derailleurs and cranks to maintain my price point when speccing bikes.

    Source(s): 29 years in the industry
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    Shimano 2200 Sti

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