I just got my 1st teaching job as a 5th grade teacher. I'd like some advice on how to set up the classroom.

What does a 5th grade classroom look like & what does it need. I am more famillair with lower grades and would welcome any suggestions.

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    I teach fourth grade & our rooms are still quite bright and colorful, but not childish. At our middle school campus, the fifth grade rooms are quite stark and plain. If I taught 5th grade I'd try to make the room look fun but definitely not too childish. They feel "grown up" especially if they're in middle school. If it's still a self-contained classroom and there are sixth grade elementary students above them in the school, you can be a little more juvenile.

    My "theme" this year is photography. I do a bulletin board with big, black die-cut cameras with their photos behind the "lens." I also have some plastic "film" streamers in black and white I use for border. I don't carry the theme out to the degree that some teachers do - just on my bulletin board and door.

    Sometimes if you google "classroom pictures" or "classroom photos" you can find pictures of rooms and usually they have the grade in their captions.

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    I am also a 5th grade teacher. I have my desks arranged in groups of 4. I have a carpet area for a meeting space. I also have a reading center with two bookshelves. I have a computer center and a writing center with a table and chairs. Lots of writing supplies with dictionaries and thesauri. Make sure to add some homey items like lamps, plants, and rugs. I also would put inspirational posters or grade appropriate curriculum posters on the walls. I would think about where to post a schedule, menu, calendar, and a place to post notes,newsletters, and upcoming events. Think about where or how your children will turn in papers and how you will return them and where you will put them. You also will need an area to post homework. Also, have a place for pencils and pencil sharpener and paper. That's all I can think of right now. I am sure I left some things out. For more information, I suggest Harry Wong's The First Days of School and anything from Northeast Foundation for Children. Just google it. Good Luck! Fifth Grade is the BEST grade to teach. : )

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    I'm in grade ten at the moment and my grade five classroom was pretty great. We sat in groups of 4 or 5 around a big desk. Our teacher had a Points system, each table had a different name and for different things we'd get points. Back then we were all pretty competitive so I have to say it worked out well. There was the usual, book shelves, globe, posters, our artwork on the walls, etc. Good luck! :)

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    Cool, I've taught all levels and this is one of my favorite ages to work with. If you can get off on a really good foot for the first week or two, things will get MUCH easier in due time...you'll probably get used to it very fast. I teach Spanish, so I'm not as familiar with health, but some general pointers: Start strong, make good eye contact, and show firmness and respect. Don't let the kids intimidate you or be too friendly at first, plenty of time for that later. Captivate their attention, let them know that this is going to be a valuable class. Let them know a bit about you, keep it professional, but kids like to know that their teacher is a human being too. As for the curriculum...I'll leave that up to you! Good luck and have fun! Kids nowadays need guidance more than ever

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    Remember, 5th graders are still little kids too. Obviously avoid really basic charts like colors and numbers...

    Here are a few ideas I used in my classroom.

    Posters showing step by step how to do math problems (we usually did these whole class)

    MANY MANY Writing tips

    A wall devoted to all the language arts skills we are doing (this changed weekly)

    State academic standards should be posted


    1. How to work independently

    2. How to work in a group

    3. How to work whole class.

    That is just the major ones.. Good luck. 5th grade is an awesome grade to have

    Source(s): I am a school administrator and former teacher (I am also in charge of positive behavior management, thus the expectations posters)
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    Just to add to what everyone is saying, I would make desk arrangement sort of fluid depending on the activity. So for regular lessons, set up desks in traditional rows. For full-class discussions, set up desks in U-shaped or circular arrangements so everyone can face each other and talk. And for projects with smaller groups, set up desks in smaller clusters where group members can focus on each other.

    Also, it might be good to maintain open pathways from a student's desk to your desk so everyone has an easier time walking up to you and asking you a question when they need to. Good luck

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    It should be pretty big and usually the desks are in groups of four. The students should be learning to become more independent and to have more responsibility for their work.

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