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Too fat to be executed?

- A death row inmate scheduled for execution says he's too fat to be put to death, claiming executioners would have trouble finding his veins and that his weight could diminish the effectiveness of one of the lethal injection drugs.

Lawyers for Richard Cooey argue in a federal lawsuit that Cooey — 5-feet-7 and 267 pounds — had poor veins when he faced execution five years ago and the problem has been worsened by weight gain.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in federal court, also says prison officials have had difficulty drawing blood from Cooey for medical procedures.

Cooey, 41, is sentenced to die for raping and murdering two young women in 1986. His execution is scheduled for Oct. 14.

His attorneys say a drug he is taking for migraine headaches could affect the execution process. The drug Topamax, a type of seizure medication, may have created a resistance to thiopental, the drug used to put inmates to sleep before two other lethal drugs are administered, Dr. Mark Heath, a physician hired by the Ohio Public Defender's Office, said in documents filed with the court.

Heath says Cooey's weight, combined with the potential drug resistance, increases the risk he would not be properly anesthetized.

"All of the experts agree if the first drug doesn't work, the execution is going to be excruciating," Cooey's public defender, Kelly Culshaw Schneider, said Monday.

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    Honestly, who cares. He deserves to be executed for what he did. I take Topamax and although drug interactions are listed, they are not proven to be very strong. If the execution is painful, then I hope it is a reminder to him of the pain that he caused to the victims that he raped and murdered.

  • Excruciating? For God's sake what about the pain those two women were subjected to? And what about all the new appeals that will come of his getting off. "Oh, gee, I am alergic to a noose, it would be so excruciating." Give me a break! Fry the fat*******

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    Peter: Well, I'm gettin' something really special too. And by special I don't mean special like that Kleinaman boy down the street. More special like... like Special K, the cereal. Hey, what do they do with the regular K? And for that matter, what ever happend to K. Ballard? You know, if you said mallard and you had a cold, it would sound like ballard.

    Brian: Do you listen to yourself

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    If he's to fat, thats his own God damn problem. Did he consider the pain his victims suffered before they died? No. Or if he did, he didn't give a ****. He shouldn't be allowed off the hook just because he's a fat bastard! In fact, the more it hurts, the more justice I think is served.

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    that will teach the fat F*cks to go a diet because when obama takes over he will make being fat agaist the law so guess they will have to die the hard way

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    The old saying "There's more than one way to skin a cat" applies here. There's more than one way to execute a murderer/rapist.

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    Change his diet, shed his weight and find a vein.

    The end.

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    He's not too fat for a bullet to the face.

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    So how about we just shoot the bastard?

    Too F***ing bad if it hurts.

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