what is the best way to get rid of diaper rash?!!!

my son has diaper rash and i need to get rid of it fast!!!!!!

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    when my son was in the hospital for dehydration, they gave him something called "triple paste". ou can get it at cvs and walgreens. it worked wonders for him. i also used desitin for all my kids.

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    Diaper cream...??? You can really try any brand, but Butt Paste, Johnson's, and Desitin have always worked well for my daughter. If it doesn't clear on it's own in a few days then call the pediatrician, it could be a yeast infection and you'll usually need a prescription cream to clear that up. Change diapers often and whenever possible let the bottom "air out" by keeping the diaper off.

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    Butt paste worked the best for my son. DO NOT use baby powder. It will lead to a yeast infection. Really any diaper cream will work, but you need to be consistent and put it on at every diaper change. Also, make sure to change the diaper often or go bare bottomed. Good luck!

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    Use Balmex and let him be bare bottomed as much as possible. You need to make sure it's diaper rash and not a yeast infection, though. Because both are common around this time of year. If it is mostly around the testicles and penis then it is probably a yeast infection, diaper rash would be mostly on the butt.

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    change as soon as diaper is dirty; gently pat clean with a wet COOL, not warm, soft baby washcloth;gently pat dry....thin layer of desitin (zinc oxide is just as good per my doc and cheaper), NOT thick....and if u can try to give baby as much time as u can cleaned and dried out of his diaper--(i use those disposable pads that they use for incontinent adults--u can get an enormous amt from sams club cheaply--they r also great 4 on the fly diaper changes or 2 cover surface when u r out)--

    as desitin and other similar creams are moisture barriers, that means it works both ways, which is why baby's bottom needs 2 be dry be4 desitin and then putting diaper back on----if it is moist it will hold moisture in as well as out..and we want baby dry....and babies do not need baby powder for anything, ever :O)

    Source(s): RN for 13 yrs in hosp my peds advice that worked wonders when my dd had awful rash from a lot of diarrhea
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    Leave the diapers off as much as you can, a bit of sunlight is good, and at night put some barrier cream on, desitin is good. If this doesn't resolve itself in a couple of days, it could be yeast, them you need canesten, antifungal cream, the rash then would be shiny, and raised.

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    Lucas Paw Paw Ointment, comes in a red tub or tube. It is absolutely the best for everything from rashes to scrapes, it is a barrier but also fixes the problem too i have always used it in on both my boys and rashes disappear really quickly:)

    Source(s): mum of a two and a half year old and a 9 month old:)
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    every baby is different but i and my friend use desitin it is the best the rash is gone with in hours with both babies!try it we love it

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    I swear by Destin overnight relief!

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    Desitin I swear by it!

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