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whitch is more deadly and faster the RKO or the Sweet chin music

my personaly opinion is the rko.but yall are the people answerin so think about that one.

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    In reality it would be the sweet chin music because a punch or a kick to the chin can result in unconsciousness so that would be more deadly where the RKO lands you on your face.

    All in all both moves rock really

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    1 decade ago

    RKO but I like the Sweet Chin Music Better!

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    Estalished finishing moves for WWE superstars are all pretty deadly. Usually if someone is successful in hitting their finishing move, they end up winning shortly after (except in PPV events where it might take 2 or 3 finishing moves to win). But I'm a Randy Orton fan and I think his RKO is delivered with more "umph" than HBK's Sweet Chin Music.

  • RKO is faster but SWEET Chin MuSIC IS More deadly

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    Both moves can happen at any time and are both very deadly. Those moves have put plenty of top superstar in danger and have brought Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels many, many victories. But, overall I think that RKO is the superior finisher.

  • I think the RKO as well, they can both come out of nowhere tho.


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  • I think the super RKO is the best of all!!

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