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Post-twilight depression


I am a twilighter =)

I bought the fourth book breaking dawn and finished it this morning.

but i have a problem...


i am probably just a wimp...

but thinking about NEVER EVER getting to read another word of their lives makes me so sad!!!

think about it!!!

i loved that it ended good...

but i want stephenie to make more!!!

i know she said that she wouldn't...


i cant stand this!!! i am crying so much!!!

i need to read more of their lives!!!!

how can she do this to me or other people??? all her fans???

*sigh* sorry for my ranting



i tried keeping my self busy and stuff...

i just dont know what to do!!!

does anyone kow how crushed i feel???


has anybody like cried over it??? or just felt so horrible??

what should i do??

please feel free to explain your stories.!

and maybe some advice too!


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    I understand how you feel. I feel the same.Before I read the end I was crying at the goodbye and I love you's part, than laughed on Jane's expression and when The Volturies took off I knew that the end was coming and tears filled up my eyes.But after I read Breaking Dawn I cried for exactly 35 minutes and than I calmed down a little because I knew that there would be another book about the Twilight saga and plus Midnight Sun. But now when I read what you said, my eyes filled up with tears. I can't stand this. Can we make Stephenie wrote another book about their eternity somehow? I hate to feel so much pain right now. This is so painful. I think I would have liked more if someone was killed if that meant that there would have been another book. But it was just the happiest ending I ever read and that had crushed on me so much. I know that it is so painful but I am sure that it will pass. Don't worry, it was the same for me with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows(it was less than this but whatever) and I know that it will pass for a couple of days. Believe me, I understand how you feel.

    BTW those one out there who are saying a bad things about Breaking Dawn or Twilight can just SHUT UP!!! (sorry that I am mean, but it really PISSED ME OFF when someone say that it was the worst book ever)

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    Well, there's no need to fret. She has discussed over the fact that she might write a twilight from Edward's point of view, which should be interesting. In the back of the book she also said that she was writing a twilight saga which will come out in December. No big deal. It's not completely over yet. I heard that her other book The Host is extremely good so try that. I did cry a little bit, but I also smiled. It ended beautifully and gave me a sense of self satisfaction. Don't worry bout it. :)

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    Well, there's still Midnight Sun and the movies. And fanfiction, too. ;)

    And there's thousands of other wonderful books out there, too, and I'm sure eventually you will find one you love as much as Twilight.

    I've been answering so many "what series should I read next?" type questions I made a page of books for vampire-loving teens and adults. I'm sure you'll be able to find something you love there:

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    THANK GOD! FINALLY I'VE FOUND SOMEONE THAT DIDN'T THINK BREAKING DAWN'S A PIECE OF CRAP! THANK GOD! I'm sorry that your down in the dumps ):! But Midnight Sun will be out soon, Twilight at Edward's point of view.

    I hope you get to feeling better ^_^!

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    yeh it's real sad that it's like over, but look on the bright side (we all have to sometime) midnight sun will be coming out (twilight in edward's perpective) hopefully it will be soon.

    feel better soon!!!

    (or you could just re-read the series again)

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    I heard she's writing the first book over but from Edward's perspective. So look foward to that!

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    no i havent but one of my friends has

    u'll get over it though

    when midnight sun comes out

    and also when u find a new series to love

    for now, get ur mind off of things and read fanfic or something

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    ... Take a walk and burn the books, maybe. It shouldn't mean that much. It's fake, not real, all fantasy. ...But, the first three books where aweosme. I agree there.

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  • i haven't read breaking dawn yet, but i am already devastated just thinking about it! haha :]

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