Question about Satanism and Satanists?

I'm an ex-Satanist, now I'm an Atheist. But I was curious after I watched the movie Night Stalker. Why do some Satanists think that Satan is the reason they kill or do crime? Richard Ramirez for example, said something like that he was to get a high throne in hell if he killed and raped all these people for Satan but refused to go to a Satanic church because he thought he was "above" the other Satanists. And the norway arsonists, they believed they had to destroy Christian establishment [churches] to bring down Christianity, but the Satanic church will not accept them. If they were TRUE Satanists, wouldn't they want to read up on Satanism and learn what us all about? Or does every person have this odd perception that all Satanists are allowed to do as they please because they worship Lucifer, who is supposed to be like Freedom? Or do they just do it do be deemed as "evil"? What do you think?


The thing that makes me even more angry, is that makes all Satanists look bad.

Update 2:

The thing that makes me even more angry, is that makes all Satanists look bad.

Update 3:

NiceGirl: That's like saying Christians have the proof of God right in front of their eyes, they don't. And I just lost faith in what I believed and realized there is nothing higher than me or anyone else.

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  • Alexis
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    Just as Jesus said, "There will be many false prophets who will come in My name," I would imagine there are many evil people who proclaim that Satan is who they follow, when they really only want to follow their own evil agenda.

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    I am a new Satanist an i know #1 movies paint their own picture of Satan of his followers. I did not see the movie however I am giving my responce as a general to your question an the resposnce of others. As an ex-Satanist you should know that Satanist or Satan tend to get the blame for everything. An again many of the young that do things kill animals extra, an rather than take responcibility for thier own actions they blame something like being under the influence of the devil. It sounds to me you that you were not a Satanist for long.

    Not sure what you are asking on the "if they were true Satanist" In my oppinion a "TRUE" Satanist is always looking for knowledge, seeking wisdom. An yes Satanist do, do as they please an becouse the know they must be held accountable for there every action ( unlike the xians who have to groval an ask for forgiveness or sin all week to be forgiven at church on sunday)

    An honnestly how do you define evil. The bible tells of more evil things that god has done than that of what Satan is accused of. You can google anything no one truely has the answers except ones self an if you truely want to know you will find the answers they are within you. Google is your friend put in a word an find anything but don't stop looking.

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    Actually Satanism still has it. We are not about worshiping evil. I see Satan as the god of light who created me. Satanism is also about empowering yourself and living life to the fullest. Drugs are stupid that is not what real Satanism is about (they harm you spiritually but hey if you do them you take the consequences even if that means you end up in jail). True Satanism is about loving yourself and elevating yourself through power meditation and magic to use your full potential.(I know not every one who is a Satanist does this but again responsibility to the responsible you choose your fate) Satan is a real being who is quite positive and loving, but you have to do meditations to be able to see him. Hope this helps for more information please visit you will find that this site explains a lot that you might not have known about Satanism.

    Also Animals and Children are Sacred to Satan so neither I nor anyone in the Satanic community should ever participate in a sacrifice or torture. Please read the front page of for more information on why a lot of your above statements do not represent Satanism as a whole. Though I admit the do represent a fringe of the Satanic community mostly teenagers who think its cool to be "evil" and burn down a church or whatever its just Stupid and serves no purpose and gives us a bad name. No intelligent person Satanist or not does any of these things. And also we as a whole see Muslims as just as stupid as Christians and Jews, and the other repressive religions like New Ageism.

    Hail Satan

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    answer: because Ramirez was a misfit lunatic that latched onto devil worship as a means of feeling important and a purpose. He claimed to be a true Satanist but his actions proved otherwise on every count. It is a shame he didn't decide to join the Moonies or something instead.

    Yeah, it gives real Satanists a bad name. The only way to counter that stupid SOB is with education as to what real Satanism is and point out that it was one lunatic. Some claim God tells them to kill, others blame the devil. He's one that wanted to blame the devil.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because Ramirez was a ****** idiot. Satan hates us. He even states this so why would he ever give us anything. We are worms to him. How you all would behave if you ever met one of the fallen, one who was there when it all began. When satan preached against the maker and convinced so many to follow him. Now he sits and pouts for what he has lost. Satan isnt evil. He is nothing, he live in his own self pity not concering himself with anyone. He left his followers to fend for themselves. His empty promises damed them all. They walk the cosmos utterly alone.

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    Even though that was a bad *** movie, I have to agree his actions were completely insane. A lot of the whole "rebellion Satanism" is out of angst and the need to belong to something, and Satanism seems so inviting because it's dark and mysterious. Then all hell breaks loose because they don't know what real Satanism is.

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    It really is ridiculous... and only reinforces people who believe than Satanism is evil and actual "Devil worship."

    Most people that do that tend to be teenage boys, and it's about rebellion, or an excuse to fulfill some horrible desires.

    Most of them probably have never read the Satanic Bible, don't know about the Church or Satan, and well... probably don't even understand true theistic Satanism.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I was under the impression that Satanists, the vast majority at least, were atheists.

    Anyway, if someone says that Satan made them do...well, anything, I'd have a problem with that. No good evidence for Satan, really.

  • 4 years ago

    There are different kinds of satanists. There are the kind that embraces evil. The kind who view the abrahamic god as evil. The most common kind are actually atheists who follow the teachings of Anton Levy (He is the one who wrote the satanic bible) There may be more. These are the kinds I have heard.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because the devil is the very evil.

    And what he does best is tricking , lying deceiving and playing with minds.Whenever you do someting wrong or when you have sinful thoughts, they are suggested by the devil.

    He know exactly what's in you heart and most of the time you believe that it comes from you because what he suggests is proportional to your weaknesses.

    But you have the choice at the end , to accept or refuse.

    By the way, satan is not stupid he is not going to come up to you and tell you to follow him to bring down christian church: WorShipping the devil is enough !!! EVEN IF THE MESSAGE IS LOVE AND FORGIVENESS!!!

    I'm really sorry either you believe in Jesus or the devil .

    All satanists are not bad but they serve evil.

    You do have proofs now that the devil exists.. Off course if you were a satanist before, now you can't believe anything is greater than you because guess what...satan is not greater that you.

    But Jesus is...Trust Him.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, it's just adolescent rebellion. They think they can just take the name and don't really care that there is any actual entity with beliefs and structure. And Ramirez was a psychotic, not the same as just acting out.

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