how to get out of an apartment lease

For any attorney's out there, II need to know how to get out of an apartment lease.

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    The only way to get out of the lease without paying $$$ or any penalty is if the place is deemed unfit for human habitation and/or a court orders the lease terminated.

    If the lease has an early termination fee, pay it.

    If the lease does not have an early termination fee, you are liable for rent until either the lease expires or a replacement tenant is found. You would also be liable for any costs the landlord incurs due to your breach, such as advertising costs, agent fees and any re-letting/administrative fees per the lease.

    You can always try to negotiate an early termination/lease buyout with the landlord. It's going to cost you.

    You need to understand that the landlord has no obligation to release you from the lease unless or until a replacement tenant is found. The landlord would be doing you a favor, so approach it the right way and you may be able to work something out.

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    Unless your lease has an early termination clause...then I'm afraid your at the mercy of your landlord. Depending on which state you live...the laws are:

    1. Pay the termination fee...if the clause is in your lease.

    2. Pay the rent payment each month until the apartment has been re-rented

    3. Pay for the entire term of the lease.

    Have you talked to the landlord about sub-letting?

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    you can't unless the owner breached the lease or something - but we need more information on that. If there is nothing wrong and you just want to leave you will lose your deposit and have to pay other fees.

    If everyone could just break a lease anytime they wanted too - what would be the point??


    Source(s): I'm a property manager in Oregon.
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    Most answers are spot on. Generally, unless the landlord is violating one of his obligations (e.g. the place is uninhabitable), you're on the hook for the full term of the lease or until someone else moves in.

    An exception in many states is domestic violence laws. If you're leaving the apartment because you are trying to get away from a domestic abuser, you should get in contact with a domestic violence organization or legal services organization in your area.

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    Read the lease for a Early Termination clause. If it doesn't have one simply inform your landlord you WILL be leaving on such-and-such a date and ask his terms. Be prepared to negotiate and pay some penalty.

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    If you cancel your lease before the term is up you have to pay about 2000 dollars in fines

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    The only way to get out of a lease is to prove that the landlord is not living up to the terms of the agreement.

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