Baby bottles...pros and cons of playtex drop ins?

i am 35 weeks with baby # 2. i used regular bottles with my son (once i stopped breast feeding) but with all the new info we were talking about using the playtex bottles with the liners. (and i hated cleaning regular bottles...i felt like i couldnt get them clean enough with the drop ins you have a new bag everytime so its always clean and sterile) what are some pros and cons about using the drop ins? are they easy to mix formula in? any and all opinions welcome!


good point drewbies_girl. definately have to keep a regular bottle incase we run out of liners. everyone had really good point weither it was a pro or a con. and i didnt give the thumbs down either....i think we will go with the drop ins. thank you all

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    I happen to love them! I don't think that mixing the formula is that bad...I know some people think it's more difficult but we've never had a problem. We just mix it like we would a typical bottle. I like them because they are easier and like you said, cleaner. The cons are that you can't tell easily how much baby has eaten without unscrewing the cap and letting the air back in - some people see this as a problem but I just guesstimate how much my baby has had. My baby is a little impatient when I have to squish all of the air out, but it's a small price to pay. Another pro is that you don't have to buy as many bottles because the only pieces that really need washing each time are the nipple and ring, so you can just wash them more frequently or even buy just the extra nipples as well. We really love these because our daughter did not get a lot of air, they were very much "like the breast" when she sucked on them, and they're just downright easy to use.

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    I switched to the drop ins when my son was about a month old, and I love them! The only thing I hate is you have to buy the bags so often! But it saves you from having to wash and sterilize all the time... because you can re-use the bottles and just wash the nipples... I bought 6 nipples and 3 bottles, I wash the bottle part once a day and the nipples after every use. I like them because you know they are sterile... the only thing that I dont like about them is if you forget the liners when you go somewhere your screwed! But you dont have to pack so many bottles either... they are easy to mix formula in because the top part is really wide, so it's easy to put the powder in there... just think before you buy them do you want to be buying liners ever few weeks? For me it's worth it... after all they are only $7 for 100 of them! I wouldnt use any other type! If you do decide to use them though make sure you squeeze the air out of the bag before you let you infant suck it! (I didnt know that and my son had horrible gas for like a month I felt awful!)

  • I really love them. They are easier to clean, you can get all the air out. I premix mine and store them in the frige, you can either warm them up with a bottle warmer, hot water, or the microwave(YES YOU CAN, you just dont nuke them forever, I put mine in for 20 secs, and they are barely more then room temp) They just put that on the bottle so you cant come back and say " I put them in the microwave and it got too hot and burned my baby" or " Blah blah blah, it exploded." Common sense tells you only a few secs and your good.

    I dont buy the playtex liners that go to them , I buy the Target brand, they are the same think, but I think a bit thicker, so they dont collapse on you as the others do and they are 2 dollars cheaper. The brown nipples they they sometimes come with I dont like they are too thin, I make sure I get the clear ones.

    I have no issues with them what so ever.

    BTW a tid bit. I dont mix the formula into the bottles, I use a pitcher and measure out the water and formula scoops and whisk it. then pour the milk into the bottles, saves time.

    good luck, and congrats

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    We switched to the liners b/c we felt we could get more air out of them and thus reduce spit up. We also live in an area that's still in an "extreme drought," so even though I felt wasteful about using the liners and throwing them away, I felt better about not wasting water by washing bottles as much. They're really easy to use. The only thing is they can be tricky if you've got the baby in your arms. :) Drop-ins solve that though (we use the regular liners b/c they're cheaper).

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    - clean bottle everytime

    - less gasy you can squeese the air out befor feeding.

    - east to heat at feeding time just sit in a cup of hot water while you change babys diaper the bottle sould be heated enough.


    - more expencive

    - most liners with the exception of playtex expandables you can't make an 8 oz bottle using powdered formula (don enough room)

    I use playtex bottles when we go out because we have a history of forgeting a bottle in the van and it so much easyer than trying to get rid of the smell in a regular bottle

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    I'm using those for my daughter, for the same reason you chose them. They are much different than they were when my cousin was a baby. They are much more sturdy and they are pretty easy to mix formula in since they are a little more rigid they they used to be. My only suggestion is to have at least one regular bottle just in case you run out liners in the middle of the night.

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    I've done son had a tummy of steel and could handle any bottle, but my daughter on the other hand is a very gassy baby and was colicky (found out she has a milk allergy) but she could only take the Dr. Brown bottles. We tried everything on her, drop ins, ventaire, avent...Dr. Browns are the only ones that worked for her. For our next (and last LOL) baby we will just do the Dr. Brown's from the get-go :-)

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    I really like them for my daughter. She was colic, so getting less air was better for her since she was so gassy anyway. The only problem I really had with them was that the liners would get crinkled on the top and formula would get everywhere!

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    i tried the drop in's but when i put the drop in liner in and screwed on the cap and pushed the air out the drop in came disconnected to the cap and makes a mess. just my experience

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    go with the drop ins, better for gas, more like the breast!

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