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Why was Katie Holmes nominated for a Razzie for her performance in Batman Begins?

The only thing keeping The Dark Knight from being the greatest movie ever was her not returning.



You are completely wrong. Gylenhaal was so ugly that she really brought the movie down.

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    Katie Holmes is not a very good actress. She doesnt show emotion very well and she is the basically the same exact character in every movie (although I did really like her in "Thank You For Smoking"). She was definitely the weakest part of the cast (Bale, Freeman, Oldman, Caine, Neeson, Murphy, etc.). She couldnt hold her own in the scenes with these other great actors. I mean did you really buy into her as an young, tough, incorruptible assistant D.A.?

    She is hot though. I have had a mad crush on her ever since her days on "Dawson's Creek."

    Maggie Gyllenhaal is a much much better actress and filled in the role very nicely. She was a vast improvement over Holmes as clearly shown by the film and her performance, especially in scenes with the other actors which Katie failed at. Granted she is not as attractive, but her acting ability makes her the better choice in the role. Granted I hate when actors are replaced in sequels b/c usually they are worse, but with this instance it was definitely for the better.

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    Good question Cue up your copy of Batman Begins to when she recieves a lethal dose of a scary hallucinagen that is frying her brain.... For goodness sake she screamed like a high school cheerleader tyring to act afraid of a football tossed her way...on a roller coaster ride.

    Thank Gawd she was replaced, the new Rachel is naughty Hot...and never

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    No, Rachel Dawes won't additionally be appearing at hour of darkness Knight. as with all the different Batman action pictures his love interest will substitute devoid human beings understanding how or why, or have been the previous one went.

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    I don not think that Katie Holmes is not a very good actress.They may have not wanted her back.

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    she was nominated for a razzie because she sucked at acting, but they did want her back for the second film... but she refused because of her "busy schedule".

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    Because she was horribly miscast for the role and the studios finally wised up to that fact so they didn't ask her back.

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    It wasnt a choice for her to come back...they didnt want her back.

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