Flybo Electric Car under 10K!

Does anyone have one of these cars? I want to know what you think of them. They have 2 seaters & 4 Seaters very cute. I found them on an Organic website for $8500. today.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Flybo is being imported as a NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) sometimes called LEV (low speed electric vehicle). This means it has federally regulated top speed of 25 MPH in most states and 35 MPH in some. They can be driven on streets with a 10 MPH difference in the speed limit i.e. 35 MPH speed limit for the 25 MPH version.

    The Flybo can not go on the freeway because it goes to slow and doesn't have the crash protection required. It will work fine for dropping the kid (only 2 seats) off at school, running to the store for groceries or a surface street commute to work. Or if your daughter has her license she can commute to school and you wont have to worry about her getting into vehicular trouble.

    I konw someone who has an NEV. He uses it every day to commute 6 miles to work and back. For the one part of his trek that requires higher speed he just simply uses the surface street that runs parallel to the highway. It takes him an extra 5 minutes to get to work (but who's in a hurry anyway) and he has not put 1 gram of pollution into the atmosphere which is his goal. And even better it cost him less than 15 cents a day in "fuel" aka electricity.

    For more information on NEV check out Miles Automotive, ZENN and GEM Car web sites.

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