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Where can I sell rifles and guns?

I live in Hagerstown, MD and I am wondering where I can legally sell rifles or guns.

If we take them to a Pawn Shop then will we only get very little for our guns?

Thank you for your help. I know nothing on this matter. Have a great day!

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    You can sell on-line with or read the seller requirements and be sure to obey all federal and state laws. A private seller can send a firearms to an FFL holder only. Unless it is a antique by ATF standards. A good gun shop in your area will usually sell it for you and charge a commission. They will insure all laws are obeyed. I don't think any sporting goods stores except Cabella's will sell on consignment.

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    Always sell to an individual buyer yourself to get the maximum value for your guns.* Eliminate the middle man and save yourself $$$$.* Advertise them or post them on any bulletin board available.*Local Newspapers of any magazine that has a Sporting Goods for sale section.*

    Source(s): Run like a Deer.*..............Fly like an Eagle.*~~
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    Pawn Shops and Gun Stores will not give you as much for your guns because they plan to resale them for profit. You can usually sell your guns online at an auction site like or in classified ads if you want to sale them for more $$$

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    Lots of gun stores will do consignments.

    They may tack on a little extra 25 or 30 $ to do the transfer.

    Check the yellow pages :)

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    If it is legal in Maryland to advertise firearms in the local newspaper that is the place to start. Or you can try gun shops in your area. or you can try Cabelas.

    Pawn shops are the last place you want to sell to.

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    Go to a local shop, and put them 'on consignment`.

    They will take a cut, or ad a fee.

    They will advise you on value.

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    I use and to sell my guns. I prefer because it's a little bit simpler to me.

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    advertise them in the buy and sell or newspaper. you will get more.

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