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Please suggest movies that I might like

I'm really desperate for good movies (well good in my opinion at least).

The movies I like:

Fight Club

Vanilla Sky

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Mulholand Drive

Being John Malkovich

Any movie that is realistic yet mysterious, when the thinking is left for the audience and there is no exact interpretation, the movie that makes you wanna rewatch it right after you just finish watching it for the first time. Movies that are not meant to be completely understood. If you have similar taste in movies, please list them. It can be old or new, doesn't matter.



Spencer, good list , unfortunately I've seen all of them except for Chumscrubbers. Add some more if you can.

Update 2:

Spencer, great list , unfortunately I've seen all of them except for Chumscrubbers. Add some more if you can.

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    American Beauty

    Lost in Translation (...not exactly one of my favourites but I definitely think you'd like it)


    The Prestige - by Christopher Nolan, the same director as Memento

    The Nines


    The Machinist

    American Psycho - definitely mysterious!

    Melinda and Melinda

    City of God

    ... there's quite a variety of films there, your criteria could include so many different kinds, but definitely try Lost in Translation, The Machinist and American Psycho :)

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    Any M. Night Shylaman (Sixth Sense, The Village, Unbreakable, etc)

    Also, there is a lot of Steven King that is that way (The Mist, Green Mile, Shawshank, etc)

    Donnie Darko comes to mind.

    Butterfly Effect

    A Clockwork Orange

    Taxi Driver

    V for Vendetta

    The Chumscrubber

    Virgin Suicides

    The Jacket


    The Cell

    The Machinist

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    haha, I just answered your other question, and my answer was Vanilla Sky, lol.

    The Talented Mr. Ripley, for sure.

    maybe The Good Girl, I'm not sure about that one.

    Down In The Valley - I enjoyed this movie very much, actually.

    American Pscyho/The Machinist, either one, I guess

    No Country For Old Men

    American Beauty

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    Night of the Living Dead (original) Day of the Dead Hellraiser The Number 23 May Pumpkinhead Grindhouse (esp. Planet Terror) Friday the 13th (original) My Bloody Valentine (remake) The Orphanage Reanimator The Ruins Dead Silence The Shining Bride of Chucky (it's not really scary but it's great fun!)

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    the assassin with bridget fonda , silence of the echoes with kevin bacon,the piano teacher in french subtitles really good,american beauty,boys dont cry,the colour purple,the crying game,american psycho,taxi driver robert di niro,clockwork orange,the shining,kiss the girls,leaving las vegas,donnie darko,green mile makes me cry

    i will have more of a think and add to this later lol i love malcovich malcovich and fightclub really great films

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    1 decade ago

    Lawrence of Arabia

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    I love mysterious movies! OK, lets see,Humm, I got it! you should watch The Prestige and The Illusionist. hope you like them.

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    Well, i'm totally guessing here.

    but the illusionist is one of those movies that really makes you think.

    Very mysterious, but i'm not so sure about the realistic of it.

    Hope you enjoy it (:

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    im a movie freak litterally all my friends make fun of me cause im always at blockbuster!



    laws of attraction



    a really good one

    the legend of bager vance

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    1 decade ago

    dances with wolves

    the green mile

    shawshank redemption

    road to perdition

    forrest gump

    billy elliot

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