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What do you think of these TRADES!

Pistons Line up



SF-Prince/J.Graham/W Herrman

PF-C.Bosh/J Maxiell/T.Plaisted


Raptors Line up






Knicks Line up






The trades works right for the Raptors cause they get Billups and Hamilton

Also The Knicks want to get some open Salary cap cause R.Wallace's contract ends in a year plus Marbury's so they can sign players and they also wanted to get rid of James.

It works out for all the 3 teams

Also are the good trades?


Which one of these trades could happen the most?


Also the Knicks get 2 great young players in Afflalo and Samb.

Update 2:

Yahoo Sucks guy you suck too okay.

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    trade 1: interesting trade. but i think toronto declines because if they trade bosh, all theyre really left with is jermaine oneal who is not only getting up there in age but also very injury prone. plus they already have calderon to run the point while billups is like 34 years old or something.

    trade 2: the pistons already have rip playing the 2 so i doubt they would want crawford because they are not starting crawford over rip. and since that is the case you have a 8 million dollar bench player. not good for detroit. and if youre the knicks you already have zach and eddy. if you add rasheed it just clogs things up more.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    trade 1 - this would b a move tht i could see detroit making. they get bosh who is great and graham is underrated and hoepfully kapono would knock down the 3's. not bad.

    trade 2 - this would b a reach for det. they giv up sheed who isnt terrible and a great young guard in afflalo and samb who could turn out to b sumbody for crawford who can start but he would have to start on the bench and james jus sux so i think the knicks get the better part of tht deal

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    Raptors won't trade Bosh

  • 1 decade ago

    this suck. ur just raping the pistons roster. Billups and hamilton will not be traded for bosh ok. hamilton is consistant and pistons leading scorer. and second trade is just awful

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    first one is good

    second no way in hell that would happen

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i dont think they could happen

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