what are the effects of earths rotation

i want to know about earths rotation in detail

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    The most obvious effect of the earth's rotation is the diurnal patterns. By that I mean the day/night effect, the rising and setting of the sun. If the earth didn't rotate, there would be perpetual daylight on one side of the earth and perpetually darkness on the other.

    A less noted effect (unless you study geography) is the fact that the earth bulges at the equator. This is due to the spinning of the earth, because the mantle is a plastic, the centrifugal force causes a bulging where rotation is the fastest (which is the equator).

    In the terms of weather, the coriolis effect. The coriolis effect is the deflection of an object to the left/right due to the earth spinning underneath. For more information on the coriolis effect, check this site out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coriolis_effect

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    Well, it does. Near the ground, the air moves pretty much at the same speed as the earth because of the drag. But up in the atmosphere, it slows a bit down there where the earth has the greatest speed: the equator. On both sides of it, you have the Trade winds blowing westward. If you fly your aircraft in the Trade winds, you are actually affected by the earth rotation. When flying at roughly latitude 60 N or S, you are then in another type air stream; the jet streams. These are the result of the "kink" the tropopause due the the frontal difference of temperature and the Coriolis effect. Those go eastward, also with the spinning of the earth. As you probably know, the jet streams are used by airliner pilots to gain some time on an Atlantic eastward passage, and avoided in a westward passage. So, the earth rotation matters to pilots. Incidentally, I am a pilot too but only of the tiny homebuilt aircraft I own; far, far away from the jet streams.

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    The primary effect of Earth's rotation is the phenomenon of day and night. The rotation of the Earth about its axis in an anticlockwise direction (when viewed from over the north pole) gives us the impression that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Our heavenly view, in particular that of the night sky, likewise reveals a panorama that moves from east to west.

    An additional effect is that of spin or roatation placed on weather systems by what is called Coriolis effect. In the Northern Hemisphere, low pressure systems rotate counterclockwise, and high pressure systems rotate clockwise. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is just the opposite.

    The rotation of the Earth also contributes to the shift of the shape of our home planet. The Earth is not a perfect sphere, but is flattened at the poles and has a bulge around the equator. Earth's shape has actually been modified by its rotation, and we describe its shape as that of an oblate spheroid.

    The rotation of the earth contributes to the magnetic field around our planet that protects us against the sun's harmful radiation and solar storms.

    The velocity of the rotation of the Earth has had various effects over time, contributing to climate, ocean depth and currents, and plate tectonics.

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    Based on your additional details, option (A) is most responsible for the answer I to the question I think you're asking. Because you are travelling with the earth at take off, the airplanes velocity relative to space, is equal to that of earth (plus/minus it's velocity relative to the earth). If you throw a tennis ball inside of a bus, to the guy sitting in the eat next to you, and the bus doesn't change speed / direction while the ball is in flight, it will travel directly to that person. You do not need to take into account that the bus is travelling 60 km/h when you start your throw and aim it way in front of your buddy. This is because the ball is already moving that same 60 km/h foreward at the moment you release it towards your friend. Planes work the same way, (when you negate some of the mechanics of the jet stream and such), they are already moving at the velocity of the earths rotation when they take of at "said speed." That "said speed" is relative to the earth, not relative to space. If we calculated speeds relative to space, even motionless objects on the equator would be "moving" 1000km/h, and that's not even accounting the earth's orbit, just its rotation.

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    The most important effect is the Coriolis Force. This is roughly analogous to what happens if you have a pale of water and you suddenly push it forward. The water slants backwards.

    The ocean's experience this on a large scale. This sets up most of the surface and sub-surface currents, which in turn lead to large scale weather patterns, including the trade winds.

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    it effect day

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    the day and night

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    i concur with answer number one.

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